The Way It's Supposed To Be
When Valerian and Edge returned to their world, it was very different. Mostly because Edge decided instead of deflecting bullets, he was going to crush the gun (which he did) and dumped all the missiles into the ocean. Then he told everyone he was sick of this shit and they were leaving right now and gonna be farmers or something (Charles always told them it was something romantic, Erik said he didn't even register what he was saying). No one complained and no one went to Cuba for a vacation.

Which basically left Valerian and Edge with five kids to take care of (along with the visits from Lepus) in a giant mansion. Erik complains every alternate day about how he was leaving again and destroying all humans, and Valerian just says in his quiet, assured way that means 'you fuck this up, you're couched' "Right you are, dear."

Said helmet is gathering dust and Erik is sure the kids have been taking it out to play games with it.

Erik groused out one day, sleepy and curled up against Charles, that this wasn't the way it was supposed to be. Charles laughed, a soft ringing sound, and said, "Honestly? I never pictured it differently."

Erik thinks he can live with that answer.