Handcuffs never get old
Of course you can ♥

"This is all your fault."


"All your fault."

Parrot whined unseemly, "How was I supposed to know they would work like that?"

"Handcuffs, Parrot, handcuffs"

Parrot shrugged, "You're taking this too seriously. It's not so bad."

Erik glared. The worst part was they weren't metal and every attempt to make a key wasn't working, He couldn't get the shape right and he didn't want to take the risk of being stuck with Parrot forever. Parrot, idiot that he was, didn't seem to mind, though he asked whether Valerian would.

Knowing him, he'd laugh, Erik thought.

So, after much struggling (and Erik hoping to detach Parrot's arm altogether), they found a tiny inscription of a kiss. Parrot grinned. Erik groaned.

He was right about one thing; Valerian laughed.