I HAVEN'T SEEN PSYCH IN YEARS so I can't guarantee how good the prompt is. Do you want to request something else?
Sherlock? :D? Sherlock x John pairing or not is up to you. o/

BTW, I've been out of the loop for CFUD, how are Sherlock and John (and Moriarty?) doing in camp/
They're fine ♥ Moriarty dropped a while ago, so they couldn't be happier.

John decorates the apartment. Sherlock occasionally considers shooting the tinsel because it's annoying and gets in his face (John said then he should just duck and stop being so abnormally talk).

When John goes to fetch the milk, Sherlock throws it out of the window.

Sherlock considers putting his skull on top of the Christmas tree.

Mrs. Hudson takes one look at it and says, "Boys"

Sherlock (reluctantly) takes it off.

Really, everything about the holidays was meaningless and redundant, he kept telling John, it's a marketploy, it's the same thing over and over again and who can stomach fruit cake anyway?

John finally says, "Well, it's our Christmas. How do you want to do it?"

Sherlock doesn't answer.

Still, he leaves the scarf on the foot of John's bed, and watches him sleep for a few minutes.

He doesn't care about Christmas, it means nothing to him, but John isn't meaningless and Sherlock can appreciate that.