Sherlock and Izaya and what they might consider a Christmas date |Da
"It's not a date."

John turns a page in his magazine, "Of course not."


"Not a date at all. Going out on Christmas for drinks and dissection."


John chuckles to himself.

Izaya forced him to see a movie. Quite frankly, Sherlock could have done without seeing Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer's backstory. It hit too many buttons.

Of course, that's precisely why Izaya chose it, so he shut up and made annoying comments about the factual implications of the movie.

Afterwards, they had dinner.

Sherlock asked when they were going to compare notes for their experiment.

Izaya simply said, "All in due time."

When Sherlock returned home, John asked, "How did it go?"

Sherlock grimaced, "You were right. It was a date. I'm never doing it again."

John laughed.