Stilgar told them not to watch, a sign Leto had whispered into her ear, that he was just like the rest, thinking them to be witless children running in the dark. They huddled near the rock-hewn window, watching the orgy take place, the sharing and gathering, watched the Reverend Mother call to them, saying We all belong together.

Ghani saw nothing in it, just fools and fanatics draining hope, but Leto was entranced. Later, he pushed her into the floor, playful and serious, in his mind, rankling, We all belong together.

She kissed him and pushed him away. Wishes should not be encouraged.

One of Alia's priests complimented her, a real compliment, on the sheen of her hair and she almost laughed in his face. Instead, she whirled away with all her courtly graces, passing by Leto, who of course, heard it all. He had a telling smirk on his face, and it almost made her flush. Almost. She pushed him towards the bedroom to shut him up, but the smile, bright and fearless caught her so deep that when she had him, she couldn't move.

He takes her into his arms and doesn't ask the questions.

Leto lies on the floor, dreaming of their father. He never stops, always dreams of their father coming back, taking him away, soothing away their chaos and order with his rough palms. She knows that he looks at his hands, long and hard, trying to see the difference between their father and himself. Ghani had no such illusions, no such wishes to hide behind. Father left, the message clear on the sand, she did not want him to come back.

But she curls up behind his back, and soothes him, and wishes that Father would return at least for Leto, to take away his wishes and make them real. One night, he turns to, blue on blue on them both, and she sees his desire, his longing, but she says no.

It wasn't what he wanted.

When he takes the wormskin and when she marries Farad'n, they meet in the gardens. A haunting greyness fills their spaces and Leto stands behind her. The very action fills her with sadness. She had always been the one watching him, watching his back, watching every thought play on his face as if it was hers and hers alone. Now her back was to him and Leto saw all her gaping wounds.

Instead, he leans against her, and kisses her hair. At the very least, he was soft.

He tells her, I love you, I love all of you, but it was too late. Still, she takes him in, saying, we belong together. She smiled at him, knew that it made him ache inside. But she didn't begrudge him this. Haunting, sorrowful, but it touches him in his heart and she knows that nothing is forgotten and wishes come true.