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I know for a fact most people don't know this pairing exists. I know it exists because I am a comic book geek.

The Pairing: Johnny Storm (Torch)/Peter Parker (Spiderman)

XD No, it's not crack. It is a valid pairing (if you read between the lines). This is also strictly comic based.

1) Spiderman and the Torch share a very strong friendship. Really. Of course, it wasn't always like that. There was a time when the Torch doubted Spiderman and believed him to be a coward. This is because Spiderman was powerless in a fight with Doctor Doom. Spiderman was having his own share of problems. His confidence had been shattered and he was wondering whether he would ever take up the mask again. But it was the Torch who made a public speech to Spiderman (and everyone heard it) and helped him get his confidence back. If the Torch hadn't said anything, then there might have been no Spiderman.

2) On one occasion, the Spiderman was bait to lure out the Torch. And it had been Doctor Doom's idea. It rankled Spiderman (really badly) that the Torch nearly got killed because of him.

3) If Spiderman needed a favour, then the Torch is always more than willing to help. Why? That's how iron-clad their friendship is. They are always ready to help each other out, no strings attached. One incident would be the Vulture attack (my favourite and funniest issue of Spiderman to date)

(Vulture has Spiderman at gunpoint on top of the Empire State Building)
Spiderman: Huh. So much for "man against man"
Vulture: I lied.
Spiderman: That's a coincidence. So did I.
Vulture: (blinks and gets shot down by the Torch)
Torch: YEEHAW! Look everyone, I'm a stealth bomber!
Spiderman: Right on time.

They have no trust issues whatsoever (except for the first time they met when fighting against Doctor Doom)

Vulture: (falling down. His wings are on fire) Cures you Spiderman! Curse you forever....(still falling)
Torch: Dude, that was impressive.
Spiderman: Uh-hu. I like the way he burst into flames at the end like a little orange meteor shower.
Torch: I've been working on that. It's cause I'm such hot stuff.
Spiderman: Flaming idiot, more like.
Torch: You know, one of us is going to save him.
Spiderman: Flip you for it.
(They do nothing and watch Vulture fall)

4) When Spiderman is accused of robbery, the first person he goes to is the Torch. In fact, on the Statue of Liberty, Spiderman has a long ranting session with the Torch. Which shows that Spiderman's trust first goes to the Torch before anyone else. I mean, he has never let MJ know anything, but the Torch is allowed to hear Spiderman's troubles. And the Torch in the movie is radically different in the comics.

...I just like this pairing ever since Fantastic Four came out. Though, this pairing has been around for a lot longer.

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