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I got a pedicure.


The whole process of the thing scared me out. Why were they wearing masks?! Why are my feet being shoved into a oven?! Are these people sane?!?!

It's my mum's fault. >> She had to make me get a pedicure and now she's talking about manicures. I'm seriously worried about my sanity here.

Went looking for puppies. The Papillions are adorable! They remind of a certain someone on sugarhigh (hinthint) >>. Apparently, Mumbai and Goa is flooded. No telephones are working and everything seems to be stuck. Flights are cancelled, people stuck in office (>> Like my poor father) and so on. Spoke to Nilay. He's seems to be fine other than the fact he can't download more than 4 songs a week. It's killing him, he tells me.

Bought manga yesterday (and literally cleaned out my allowance. Why is everything so expensive?). Got the next two volumes of X/1999. Great Subaru/Kamui action with a touch of Seishirou/Subaru. Finally, the manga seems to be moving a little faster now. Couldn't find Gunlock. ;__; But I did find the next Mythica Detective Loki Ragnarok, thus completing the series we have. And I succumbed to temptation and bought GetBackers 10. My favourite parts (the I.L arc) is Ban taking the blow for Ginji. And Ginji crying, "Ban-chan..." It was amazing. Also, MakubeX was a much more interesting character in the manga.

The Kazuki/Juubei relationship was ...odd...

what did Rando Ayamine say about Juubei? He said, "He and Kazuki are (BEEP?)" Now, that rang major alarm bells in my head. Why the beep? And he mentioned that Ren doesn't have many fans (apparently all the Kazuki fans hate her because she kissed him)

I want the next chapter of Full Metal Alchemist and Bleach! What happens when Ed meets his dad?! What will happen to Rukia now that (_________) has her? Why can't they update those chapters?!

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