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See this is the sad part about having your dad work for a record company.

1. Your dad meets famous people, but you don't know who they are or sometimes you are overwhelmed with jealously.
Shubha: I like Simple Plan.
Dad: Oh we met them once.
Shubha: O_O;;; WHAT?!
Mom: Oh those nice boys...
Me: >> when did this happen?

2. You don't realize what music you own. I swear I've never seen that Rob Thomas, Greenday and Tori Amos album before. Where the hell did he get them? And why didn't he tell me?

3. You get a lot of free stuff dumped on you.

Dad: A new cellphone that's not out in the market yet.
Me: Umm...thanks?
Dad: Figure out how to use it before I come back.
Me: O_O;;;

>> Yes, there are downsides. But there are upsides also. I am going to see the Cirque Du Soleil in September! ^____^
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