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I'm an official fan of Gankutsuou, even though I've only seen two episodes. It's brilliant. Really. The Count is slowly seducing innocent Albert, Franz bitch-slaps him for being an idiot. I love Franz and Albert. They're amazing. There's a conversation they had in the past that had me hooked forever.

Albert: so, who's the favourite.
Franz: Don't talk about things you don't understand
Albert: come on, tell me!
Franz: ....Who do you think?

Franz is so sweet. He gave up sex with the Baroness to go help Albert who had been kidnapped. Even though Franz hates the count (for seduding his sweet little Albert X3) he goes and begs for help in saving Albert. Later on, (after the bitchslap XD)

Albert: Thank you.
Franz: Huh?
Albert: You saved my life. No one else would have done that.
Franz: (smiles)

Me: (melts in puddle of goo)

Got the colorbars from gankutsuou. You must watch this show. The style is odd, but the plot is amazing (Well, it IS taken from the Count of Monte Cristo), but just to see Albert x Franz interaction. X3 I'm in love with Albert. He blushes so much when he's with the Count and Franz.
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    So everything could have been averted if Dean and Sam just gave Cas hugs.

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