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Wow... Gunlock is something else.

I think it's the dialogue. They say such interesting things, the Sanzo-ikkou. XD

Episode: 24
Goku: This feels like a Clint Eastwood movie.

Gojyo: I think we need to do something about Injun Jones over there.

Hakkai: Look Hazel, why don't you leave Pocahontas out of this and fight us instead?

(Think of Gato in a Pocahontas dress. XD I'm suprised Gato didn't kill Hakkai for that one)

But Hazel literally goes crazy when Gato dies. It's crazy, but it feels so real.

But the plot twists are confusing. Great Spirit? Gato shot Hazel? Hazel the monster? O___O Was this all in the manga?

XD But this comment stole the show.

Goku: Great Spritzer?
Gojyo: Spirit, you monkey.

D-Chan, I found your "Eulogy" doujin. Do you want the link?

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