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If you are a FAKE fan, you need to read "Sakende Yazuke" (Shout loud). It's about a boy named Nakaya who moves in with his father Shino. It's great! Shino makes a better Ryo and Nakaya makes a better Bikky almost. And don't forget the potential "Dee" Tenryuu and the admirer "Rose" Mizusawa. Unfortunately, we have no Carol or Diana, but their dialogue and adventures are great!

Shino makes his living as a seiryuu. For those who are anime/manga deficient, that means the voice actors for anime. Shino is adorable and funny (Ryo magnified ten times over) and Nakaya makes a great rebellious teenager. Tenryuu is not as "egoistic" as Dee was, but he's fun in his own way. And Mizusawa is always calling Shino "cute" (PS: everyone calls Shino cute. He really is, for a thirty-three year old) and the background is a refreshing change. I believe the seiryuu angle in manga has never been covered.

I recommend at least reading it once. Trust mme, after the first chapter, you'll want to own it.
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