water seeping

Irony is....

Some stuff that happened on my vacation that kinda gave me....a headache...

Irony is...

-Dying to get Utadu Hikaru stuff and realize your dad owns her company...(I nearly killed my dad when he said he had given away all his Utadu Hikaru cds...)

-Wanting to go to this amazing bookshop with ALL (and I mean, ALL) the manga you could ever want and your brother gets sick so you had to leave (sob..)

-Waiting to order some pizza and realize they don't deliver to your house anymore (Damn you, Dominos!!!)

- Waiting to see anime on your T.V and realize your hotel room has lousy cable. (and no DVD system either)

-___- That's pretty much it. If I have more stuff to rant about, I'll be sure to let you know.

To My Reviewers: Gomen a thousand times for not updating for so long! Please let me live a little longer!! ^__^;;; Pretty please?

PS: -__- God, Yami's vocie suck in the english dub. And Bakura has a English accent?! What were they thinking?
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I fully agree. Yami's voice is horrid. >_< Yeah, and what's with Bakura's english accent? Isn't he supposed to be like... Japanese? *shakes head*