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Yes, I do update my journal. No, I do not think I will have much time for fanfiction anymore because this school has taken over my life. No, I will not torch/maim destroy attack said school. Yes, I will become bond buddies with my fellow Saiyuki and Get Backers fans. No, I will not tell my father I am downloading music. Yes, I will still continue downloading all some music. No, I will not give copies of my fantastic/super Children of Dune soundtrack. Yes, I will fix that bloody account problem at animemusicvideos.com and I WILL GET THE SAIYUKI MOVIE NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!


So there!

PS: My dog has abandonment issues. Any advice?
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Your dog is going to be like that for a while. Mwahahaha.

Also, I can't get back into school mode, I'm screwed.
Join the club. >> At least, you don't have your hands full with these bloody projects.