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I recommend all anime fans to buy the Trigun Maximum manga. It starts off two years after Vash blows a freakin' hole in the moon. I just recently bough 2,4 and 5 because they were going cheap (O___O Trigun is as expensive as Steam Detectives and Akira ;_; Sad, I know). I love every minute though.

Because my god Wolfwood was given a bigger role and Meryl and Milly are nothing. XD

Sorry, but I have no fondness whatsoever for Meryl.

The best thing about the manga (other than the amazing drawings and humour XD) is the humanity and the emotions displayed by both parties. Vash is more insecure than before, Wolfwood keeps questioning himself, Milly gets lost when she tries to save Meryl. But it was Midvalley and Gauntlet (Hoppered) who stole the show. Midvalley is portrayed as an UNWILLING member of Knives' gun-ho guns party. He doesn't want to fight Vash. In fact, he doesn't even like Legatto or Knives. He even tried to kill Knives once (didn't suceed obviously) and also tried to kill Legatto (that didn't work either XD). So, he resigns himself to his fate and tries his best to live up to it (kinda like MakubeX who also resigns himself when he can't fight Babylon City in the I.L arc). Gauntlet was something though. He wants to get revenge for Vash destroying July. In the end, it was Legatto (or el Dira i think) who kills Gauntlet.

But the unusual thing is the SOLID/STRONG friendship between Midvalley and Gauntlet. It's amazing. Yasuhiro Nightow is a genuis.

PS: There are nice convient hints to Wolfwood x Vash. In fact, they end up contrasting each other in every word and move they make. And Milly x Wolfwood? Not happening. XD And he keeps calling Vash "Spikey" which sounds so damn funny. XD

PPS: In CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, Willy Wonka's dad is played by the guy who played Saruman in LoTR. I wonder what that means to Johnny Depp? XD
Saruman: I am your father. Savvy?
Captain Jack Sparrow: Savvy.

XD XD Also, for KINGDOM HEARTSV fans, good news. Captain Jack Sparrow is making an appeaance in the game. Plus, itshould be out by the end of this year, or next year (will check and see)
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