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result #3: chin iisou
03 CHIN II SOU: people with result #3 are stuck in
the past. maybe someone from their past got
away from them, and they want them back. these
people are persistent to the point where they
seem more like stalkers. result #3 people can
be very jealous or vengeful, or maybe they just
like picking on people for fun. as a minor
character, you don't get enough on-screen time.
advice to someone with this result: if there's
something in your past that's making you
bitter, get over it.

which saiyuki minor character would you be?
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I don't mind this really. I like Chin Iisou.

Which Matantei Loki Ragnarok character are you?

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I love Hel.

You're Nataku Taishi. You're being forced to grow
up all too soon by almost everyone around you.
You don't like the responsibilities that others
have piled onto you but, being as obedient as
you are, you do them anyway. You're a kid at
heart, and you wish you were allowed to do more
with your life before you grow old and end up
not having one... and what hurts most is that
you can't tell anyone how you feel.

Saiyuki Gaiden Character Quiz
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