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Write down twenty random facts about yourself, then tag some other friends to do the same...

1) I am a pyromaniac (I know most people don't believe it, but it's true)
2) I have ADD
3) I am a Totally Spies fan.
4) I tend to button up my shirts.
5) I hate humidity.
6) I LOVE Robin from Teen Titans.
7) I bite my fingers
8) I download music (Bad Timmy! Bad!)
9) I used to read tons of Sailor Moon fanfiction (and some of it was quite good)
10) Dark Waters by Catherine Macphall made me cry
11) I get stalkers on a regular basis.
12) I have a asty habit of blocking out the world when I am either reading/writing or listening to music.
13) I suck at writing poems
14) I am a Star Wars fan (and sadly enough a Luke Skywalker fan as well)
15) I'm still a Pokemon fan (as well as a die-hard Ash fan)
16) I hate Vanilla Coke
17) I have over 500 anime songs
18) I worship Yoko Kanno, Maaya Sakamoto and adore L'arc-en-ciel and KIDS ALIVE
19) I have never seen Gundam Wing (and no, I will never read the manga. It's more screwed up than Death Note)
20) I am all out Ichigo fan (meaning I go for almost every Ichigo pairing) 

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You haven't tried reading DN have you? It's a remarkably sane manga in fact... but yes, GW manga is completely nutso. (still, sanity prevails in the fandom... or seems to at any rate)

no tagging? awww...
Tag! you're it! XD The weirdest thing about DN is that the guy who did Hikaru no Go did it. Creepy no? He must like the supernatural stuff. XD
*Ahem* Total response
1) Ooo, pretty fire....
2) That's wonderful, I can't ADD (*snicker* I love bad puns....)
3) Huh?
4) Me too, but curse this damned weather
5) Yeah, you, me and every other organic meatbag out there
6) Huh?
7) I sincerely hope you meant fingernails, cause you're going to need those poky appendages to write and..... POKE!!! (betcha didn't see that one coming...)
8) Again, yeah, you and every other organic meatbag with Internet access and miserly tendencies - join the club
9) Huh? Bad Ayesha!
10) Nya?
11) Ooh, ooh, I volunteer!!!!! Do I have to walk a lot? What are the hous like? I expect bonuses, vacations, health plan, pension...are you reading?!...transport, advance notification of movement...
12) Me too!!! Except when the world is too noisy and I just need to verbally trash it a bit, but that's only every 5 minutes. This is why I lock my room, I might be rude otherwise and that would be horrible wouldn't it? Boooooooks gooood. Well, revise that, goooood boooks goood...... I resent being called anti-social, it's not that I don't like people, but sometimes books are just better! And CERTAIN PEOPLE (*grumble*) KEEP SNATCHING MY BOOOOKS!!!!!! *cue steam from ears*
13) Oh please, like anyone can suck worse than me. That's no excuse to slack off, mail me your favorite. If you're pessimistic, mail me the ones you dislike the least
14) A FELLOW STAR WARS FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Not that I'm that big a fan, but I'm sick of people trashing it. I have a bunch of books that come after episode 6, NO, I did not buy them, it was my brother) Luke is an idiot. VOTE FOR HAN!!! (Solo, not the neurotic bag of nerves and hugs that hovers between insanity and bounciness in our most esteemed educational environment)I think people who dress up to be Vaders and Stormtroopers with those ridiculous lightsabers look weird.... Ooh! Do you want the game? I have one called Star Wras: Knights of the Old Republic, it's really good.
15) Huh? Sheesh.....
16) *blows raspberry* Well I like Vanilla Coke, so there.
17) That's wonderful! I have over 500 interesting words headed your way XD
18) Huh? *scratch head*
19) I may have when I was a kid, I think I have one episode from my brother but I can rever remember what the damned thing is about. I've seen some frames from Death Note, honestly, I don't understand Viola and Subin....
20) 'Ichigo'- hmm, sounds like some kind of foot fungus, or when you get an itch in the small of your back and neck on a high cliff - you know, itchiness and vertigo? ICHIGO!
Re: *Ahem* Total response
You're tagged! You have to do this as well. And wow....what a response. I'm touched XD. Truly.
5, 8, 11, 13, 16, 18. We be alike. :D

OMG you must see Gundam Wing! It is teh spiff!
You have ADD?!? no freaking way?!?

I never thought in a million years that you would have ADD! Well, you learn something more everyday!

*gonna borrow this if you don't mind*