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I am going to KILL Viola. The reasons being-

1) she got me hooked onto Wild Adapter
2) she got me hooked onto Wild Adapter
3) she got me hooked onto Wild Adapter
4) she got me hooked onto Wild Adapter

I think that sums it up. Kubota and Tokitoh's relationship resembles Sanzo and Goku's relationship so much that it's scary. (In fact, they are on great yaoi terms...and I'm not joking). There is BLATANT yaoi floating around, which makes me wonder if Viola is a yaoi fangirl. >> Well, she did like Yami no Matsuei. Maybe I should introduce her to FAKE.

But the plot is great. As characters, they are well-fleshed out. And Tokitoh's going, "Kubo-chan!" is so cute. Imagine if Goku started calling Sanzo "San-chan!" XD oh, the horror. But the Kubota/tokitoh trust themselves (which more than I can say about Sanzo's "muchimotsu") and that's the main difference. They have accepted what they are in the span of a year. Scarily enough, Sanzo still needs to come into terms over his relationship and it's been three years (or is it four?) already. Yay for sensible guys!

But I love tokitoh who has the personality of a goku and gojyo (not in a perverse sense XD) and the eyes of Gojyo and the hairstyle of Hakkai.


All pictures are courtesy of bane-huntress.co.uk.


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