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I love Kadaj. I love his character, love his appearance, love his voice actor (who is Kadaj's voice actor?) because he was one of the only fleshed out characters in the story.

SEPHIROTH, you've returned! And in such shounen-ai goodness too! Your sword is really long! Not that sword you perverts but best of all, I love how you hold such meaningful conversations with Cloud.

And Kadaj's death. Sad, but I loved the way he referred to Aeris as his mom. Poor kid.

I have the urge to write some Denzel/Marlene drabble or something with Reno in it. I like Reno.

And well.....Rufus and Tseng (the black bald guy was Tseng right? Or perhaps Tseng did die...god knows)

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That would be Yazoo. KJadaj has short straight hair. Yazoo has the long almost-Sephiroth like hair
*covers eyes to avoid spoilers*

Mooouuuuu... *begining to go crazy from not getting to see AC

*accidetally looks up and sees the word 'Rufus'*

O.O He lives? *faints*