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this just in...

1) Tetsuya Nomura is simply THAT bored. He has made an anime out of Final Fantasy Seven, mainly centered on Cloud and Zack's relationship
2) There's going to be a second Hellsing series dubbed "Hellsing Ultimate"
4) I have seen the Saiyuki movie. I can die happy now.
5) Tintin is on sale for $73 dollars. Debating about spending allowance on that.
6) My dog is killing my carpet.
7) Does anyone have Corpse Bride OST?
8) Rajeeta and I have invented new CRACK pairings for Roswell
Alex x Max
Michael x Logan (from Dark Angel)
9) I haven't watched Static Shock for a week, thus suffering severe Richie/Virgil withdrawals.

Thank you for listening.

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