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TITLE: Breath
PAIRING: hinted Tyson x Kai
SUMMARY: You had left it behind and ran ahead, never once looking back. Not quite looking ahead either

By Timberwolf220

-Because you know it by instinct and you remember it always-
—“Yoruichi” from “Bleach”



There, lying on the ground was something you had forgotten. You had left it behind and ran ahead, never once looking back. Not quite looking ahead either. The shape remains foggy and unreal and when you came back, your breath misting the air around you, you realized you could not remember what you left behind. And that hurt, because it was important, but you forgot and that was unforgivable and mean. So very, very mean to the precious thing you left behind.

You started searching frantically around you. Perhaps it was close by and you can’t see it. You could feel the night descend deeper into the sky like nails into your skin. Tears start to prick your eyes and you wonder if you’ll ever see it again. It was your fault and you knew it. You knew that you would get punished, but the guilt would be worse. You didn’t want to see anymore sad faces, so you needed, needed to find it. The desperation that was building in your chest like a hot ball of pain began to feel excruciating and you stopped and started crying.

There, a few feet away, the precious thing was there, lying in the ground. You quickly dug it out (and you got dirt under your fingernails. You knew you would be scolded for that as well) and started smiling. Because you found your precious thing and everything will be all right. Maybe your parents would smile more often and maybe your father would not look so sad.


You scuttle as quickly as you can back home, but it was dark and you smell rain coming. You tripped over a rock and cut your knee. You watched in horror as a small trickle of blood appeared and you wondered what to do. You know you need to use a band-aid, but there aren’t any around.

But you see another boy. This boy sees you lying on the ground, clutching your knee pathetically and he does something weird. He smiles at you and walks up to you. You’re scared now. You’ve heard stories about strangers who whisk people away (like the BoogieMan and ghosts), but this boy stops about a foot away from you. He has a bag with him where he dips his hand in and removes a hankerchief. He then ties the hankerchief onto your knee, smiles and walks away. You suddenly wished you said thank you, but the boy has vanished and you knew you were late.

You get up and start running back home.


It’s been years since that incident. Your parents are gone (dead, dead, dead, dead) and you are lonely and you are not. You still have your precious thing, so you manage. Each day feels as meaningless as the last and you wish you had more precious things. It would be nice, you tell yourself, if you had precious things to hold on. Things you can call your own. Things just like your special thing.

You decide to “collect” special things.


You are in a league of your own. For the first time, you saw people glare at you and it felt wonderful. You became precious to people who knew the least about you. It didn’t matter how much they knew or how mindless they became in their worship of him. The point was he belonged. Somewhere in this world, he had found his niche. He was happy. He had his special things and he was the closest things to people around him.

Then, why, did those blue eyes look so angry? Why did they glare and why did it cut him so? He didn’t care for people, but this boy came to care for the people around him. It frightened him that this boy could take away what he had so easily. He knew this.

So, he tried to crush the boy in the early stages. Never let the caterpillar bloom.


Deeper, deeper, deeper, the needle goes into your skin. The memories came rushing through your head and you hear voices. Am I going mad? You ask yourself. The boy came back running towards you. His voice is loud and it grates against your ears, but it compels you. He is saying, “Come back! Come back” but you don’t understand where the boy wants you to go. Names, faces, everything had gone through the mixer and came out distorted. The world was toppling over and you lost her, you left her behind again. You got something better and you like that. You need to be the best so you are always loved. That’s the only way you know.

But this boy, this boy…he was the best and he took that away. She was of no use anymore, so he needed the new special thing.

This boy…this boy with blue eyes….why, why was he crying? He has everything now, so why?

You don’t understand anymore.


You saw him reach out for you.


You grabbed the outstretched hand, waiting, waiting to be saved.


Your face is wet and you don’t know why.


But you believe that you’ve found your precious thing again. And you have another one to share.

A/N: Kai's POV all throughout. If you haven't figured it out, the "precious thing" was Dranzer. I put in a part with Kai's parents simple because I would like to write more about the subject. This could be non-yaoi of course, but I like to believe it is. ^_^

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