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Right, I've been deciding to do this for ages. Might as well get to it


Title: The title "Elfen Lied" is german for "Elf Song". Apparently (and I'm not sure myself) Elfen Lied is loosely based on a long german poem that was written. Again, this information needs to be cross-checked, but I'm pretty sure that's it.

Summary: Lucy, a diclonius (a creature with invisible arms known as "vectors" and horns) escapes from a high security facility used to detain and experiment on diclonius. Unfortunately, before she leaves, she is hurt on the head by a bullet. When Kouta and Yuka find Lucy in the ocean, she has formed a split personality dubbed "Nyuu" (because the only thing she can say is Nyuu). This goes on as the facility tries to find Lucy and Kouta's own dark past.

Analysis: There's a reason why this anime is restricted to only 15 years and above. I have seen a lot of anime, but rarely have I seen an anime with so much violence, cruelty and blood involved. Diclonius are not the evil in the series, but they are in a sense their own weakness. Even the humans are not the evil in the series, but certain aspects of their behavior are. Hell, even the animals are mistreated!

But the beauty in this anime is the depth of emotion here. There are people so callous that live in normal society. You see a girl called Mayu whose only friend is a dog called Wanta. Then one day, the owner comes along and takes Wanta away. How would a girl like Mayu feel?

But Lucy is the prize character here. She's a murderer. Enough said. And when you learn about her past, you wonder whether she deserves to kill or not. And the answer is no. She's just twisted herself.

Soundtrack: The soundtrack is basically different versions of the song "Lillium" that's played in the opening. Don't get me wrong, the soundtrack is great, but a bit dull. The opening song is still one of my favourites and the ending song "Be My Girl" is a nice feel-good J-pop song.

In conclusion? Watch it. You might be horrified, you'll probably want a lot of tissues, but you probably would change the way you look at things. And it might be for the better.

Next, the review of Trinity Blood!
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