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Right. Two things I wrote yesterday that need desperate polishing. So I'm posting for constructive critism. If it sucks, please do tell. I won't take offense.

TITLE: A matter of Time
RATING: General
SUMMARY: More of an imcomplete drabble

I think I imagined you sometimes. The kind of personality you had never seemed real. Or maybe I wasn’t real and we are just a dream, trading one life with another. I think we shared our dreams and they were the same. Sometimes, I would let you have a glimpse, sometimes I would show all. You saw the fire, you watched it burn. And then the wind picked it up and it spiralled towards the sky.

I think I knew that you were waiting. Sometimes, I saw the door and always paused when I reached for it. You looked through the peekhole and saw me stutter. You didn’t open the door, but you waited. You pushed me at times and at times, you left me adrift. And then, without oars, I crossed the sea into the horizon.

I would say I was lonely. The journey to self-discovery was long and though you waited, you were impatient. There were hard times and bad times and they came and hit you in the face.
You slept in silence, your eyes wide because you saw their backs and they left you behind. I left you behind too and you knew that. But it hurt, despite my justification.

I blame myself for your pain. We do that to ourselves a lot. Pain is part of us, part of every relationship. I won’t deny I share something with you, but what it is, I’m not sure yet. I don’t think I’ll ever be. But you’ll wait and I think in the future, you saw me coming. And this time, you’ll open the door and let me in.

TITLE: See Me Fly
RATING: General
SET IN: Post G-Rev (manga-verse). Yes, this features older Kai and Tyson. You know you love it.
SUMMARY: Kai thinks about children, happiness and kites.

Kai thinks that everyone was a child once. When you see someone smile about falling in a pond and giggling or when a child runs through the open yellow fields, a kite trailing behind him laughing and smiling like the world is a playground and life is served with cider apples on the balcony.

At least, that’s what his teammates and his child is doing right now. They were in his backyard and Makoto and Gou are setting up the kite they made themselves. Rin is begging to help, but Makoto said, “Only guys allowed.”

Rin kicked him in the shin before running and complaining to Rei. Rei simply laughed, ruffled her hair and led her away into the house. Mariah had brought out some cookies and lemonade onto the verandah porch, winked and left. Kai sat on the verandah, watching Max, Kenny and Tyson set up their kite. Both kites were different. Makoto and Gou’s looked like a dragon with large scaly wings about to breath fire to Kai’s garden. Tyson and Max made theirs like a harpy with wings and a crown.

“Queen of the Sky!” Max declared proudly and Tyson laughed. Kenny adjusted the strings and went to help Makoto and Gou. Kai watched. He would never admit it, but it did look rather interesting. In the Abbey, making kites was like a fantasy. Kai idly wondered how Tala and the others were getting along in their new lives.

“I’m not bound by others.”

Tala has three years to live, Kai thought. The technology can’t sustain him anymore unless he undertakes surgery, which Tala is unwilling to do. Tyson tried again and again, but Tala refused. Tyson then said nothing but when Tala left, Tyson broke down quietly and retired to his room. There’s something distressing about that subject, but Kai never asked and Tala never returned.

Feeling old, Kai though, reaching for one of Mariah’s cookies, that’s so odd for me. They were barely into thirties (despite the children and all) and he feels the nostalgia poking at him today. Or maybe it’s just that they were making kites and laughing and playing. Forgetting for a short while, the world and its crimes.

Tyson’s grandfather died two months ago. They knew it was coming. Tyson didn’t cry at all, none of them did. The problem with getting older; showing weakness was not allowed anymore. Though…it’s good to smile without worrying. Kai wanted to protect their happiness, because in doing so, he was protecting his.

“Otousan?” Gou came up nervous and clutching his kite. Makoto fidgeted behind him. Kai looked at Gou, “What?”

“Is-Is our kite okay?” Gou said, shoving it into his hands unexpectedly and Kai felt his eyes widen unconsciously. Sighing (though his lips tugged into a smile) and watching Gou shuffle his feet and wait for his reaction. Kai looked at the kite. The fiery dragon looked complete and there was something compelling about its design. It also looked very familiar. Kai shot a suspicious look at Tyson. Tyson caught that look and gave a mock salute. Kai shook his head and handed it back to Gou. Gou looked very worried, his big red eyes shaking.

“It’s very pretty,” Kai says as honestly as he can. Gou’s face nearly burst with his grin and ran towards Kenny, “Ty-jii, Ty-jii! You were right! He liked it!”

Tyson ruffled Gou’s hair and said, “Of course I’m right! Never underestimate your uncle Ty-jii! He knows your father better than anybody!” He winked at Kai and Kai smirked. Makoto tugged Tyson’s shirt, “Can we fly it now? Ne, Otousan, can we fly it now!”

“Of course!” And then Tyson showed them how to hold by the string. The sky had darkened to a somber wine-red that matched Gou’s eyes. Kai walked onto the field as Tyson, Max, Makoto and Gou got ready.

“Wait for that breeze…” Tyson said, couching them. Beckoned by Tyson’s words; came a strong summer breeze and they started running. Like jet-places from the runaway rose into the sky, their kites immediately went upwards as if eager for a piece of the sky.

They laughed as they ran around circles, watching the harpy and the dragon float in what looked like dancing in the sky. Kai watched them laughing and smiling as they ran through his fields and wondered if he would have been happy doing that. It was a hard question.

It only took a few hours for night to settle in. The children were sent to their rooms and the kites were left out on the porch. Rei was tucking them in and telling them beyblade stories (“And then the tiger ripped out of the blade and tore the hedgehog bit-beast into two…”), Mariah was cleaning up, Max and Kenny were helping her (under pain of death and a large frying pan). Kai roamed restlessly outside the yard when he saw the kites. He picked up the harpy kite and wondered what it felt like to fly. Is that why they were laughing so hard?

“Do you want to fly it?” Tyson asked, walking over him. Kai could hear his footsteps crunch.

“…Maybe…” Kai said hesitantly.

Tyson smiled, “Then I’ll show you.”

It took a good ten minutes of Tyson gesturing to how to hold the ends of the string and the right amount of force for Kai to get it. Kai couldn’t see much in the dark. Kenny lit candles in the porch and the stars weren’t bright enough. All he could hear was Tyson, but that was enough.

Then he was ready. He was running, Tyson was running beside and he watched the kite soar upwards and dance. He watched it for a few seconds and started running. Higher, higher, higher! He urged it and it flew over their heads near the moon. Tyson started laughing, a low bubbling laugh like a brook overflowing. And then he was laughing because it was so simple, so easy, yet something he wanted to enjoy.

The candles on the porch had dimmed when Tyson said, “Did you like it?”

They were lying in the ground, staring upwards into the sky. The euphoria had quietened into a companionable silence. Kai watched the stars glower at him and he felt like sticking out his tongue. It was nice; this was nice, being here was nice.

Tyson rolled over and stared at him. Kai blinked and stared right back. Tyson reached over and kissed him. Kai let him.

It was nice. It was new, like having candy for the first time.

They broke apart and Tyson turned his eyes back to the sky again.

After a while, Tyson asked again, softly, “Did you like it?”

Kai paused and said, “I think I did.”

...I should ask my muses to come back for a while from their vacation. I need them. And Sailor Moon music really doesn't help sometimes. ^^;;;

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