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A little one-shot I wrote some time back. I just had realized that I have a great ability. ^__^ I could write stories in any coupling and make it believable that I've been writing it my whole life!

Here it is!

Serenade to the Sorrowful
By Timberwolf220
DISCLAIMER: I don’t own it. Capish? Good.
[] = Song lyrics


It was a relaxing place. You could sit there for hours, watching the clouds drift by and the ripples in the lake spread throughout the corners of the lake.
He liked this place.

He came here whenever he was in doubt. It was as if God could hear his questions and sometimes provide an answer.

Although there were some answers no God could give.

[Canta Per Me addio]
[Quel Dolce Souno]
[De’ Passati Giourni]
[Mi Sempre Rammenta]

He had the photo album from under his arm. He laid it on his lap, watching the characters in the photos wave to him. Sirius’s photogenic self gave him a roguish wink before pouring the wine down his father’s cloak. He chuckled.

He turned his grass-green eyes to the sky, where the sky had dulled to a sinister grey and the clouds looked heavy with omission. Not that he minded. He liked the rain.

“Well, what do we have here?” There was such contempt in that tone, Harry wondered how Malfoy could remain unaffected from it.

“Leave me alone Malfoy.” That reply came almost automatically and nonchalantly.

Malfoy scowled, “You can’t tell me to do anything Potter?”

“Why do you irritate people, Malfoy?” Harry said tiredly. He was having such a nice day also, “What maniacal pleasure do you get from all this?”

Malfoy stepped back, a bit affronted by the forwardness of the question. His glistening eyes snapped at Harry.

“Maybe I just like to see you break,” Malfoy said in quick reply.

Harry sighed as he adjusted his glasses and went back at looking at his pictures.

[la vida dellamore]
[dilette del cor mio]
[o felice, tu anima mia]
[canta adagio]

Malfoy wouldn’t, no, couldn’t understand Harry Potter. All the troubles of the world were heaped on this one boy’s head, and he’s just…sitting there, going through a photo album!

“Well, I can’t keep looking at the dark side of things or I’ll end up like Voldemort,” Harry said quietly as if sensing Malfoy’s unspoken question. He tilted his head slightly, so that his green-cut glass eyes could see Malfoy, “And that, is something I’m trying to avoid like the plague.”

“But…” Malfoy said, “Aren’t you ever…sad? Don’t you ever want to give up?”

Harry smiled, “I did already.”

Malfoy blinked in confusion.

“Come sit here Malfoy,” Harry said, gesturing to the empty grassy space next to him, beside the tree.

Malfoy hesitated for a short second and sat down, looking very disgruntled for some odd reason.

Harry opened the album and put it on Malfoy’s lap. He blinked and scowled.

“Take a look,” Harry’s voice was so perfectly neutral that it was suspicious, “You might find it interesting.”

Malfoy peered with heavily pretended interest at the album. It was a wedding photo with James and Lily Potter and (He was assuming) Sirius Black. He also saw Remus Lupin, their old DADA teacher, but he didn’t pay much attention to the werewolf. His eyes were glued to a certain long-haired blonde who was smirking at the newly married couple, but there was an unknown smile in his eyes.

[Tempra la cetra e canta]
[il inno di morte]
[a noi si schiude il ciel]
[volano al raggio]

“That’s…” For the first time in many years, Malfoy found himself unable to speak.

Harry smiled an oddly bittersweet smile, “That looks like your dad, am I right?”

“That…can’t…be…” Malfoy muttered from under his breath.

“Why not?” Now Harry’s voice was heavy and demanding.

“Because…” And here Malfoy pointed to the picture, “…He’s smiling.”

Harry gave him a skeptical look, “Are you saying your dad is incapable of smiling?” he said, his eyes twinkling slightly.

“No!” Malfoy looked flustered in the face, “It’s just…” And here he takes a sneak peek at the picture one more time, “…I’ve never seen him this way. He’s never looked so happy before.”

Harry leaned his head back on the tree trunk, “You should have more faith in him,” He stated.

Malfoy bristled, “Don’t you dare lecture me!”

Harry gave him a sideways grin and looked up at the sky. Malfoy wondered why he seemed so peaceful, instead of the sorrow-driven teenager everyone portrayed him to be. He lost his parents, everyone loves him and hates him, people love to make him a martyr and then rid him of every good shred of his reputation.

…So, why is he so…calm?

[la vita dellamore]
[dilette del cor mio]
[o felice, tu anima mia]
[canta addio]



Malfoy pointed to his father, “Any particular reason you’re showing me this? Future blackmail?”

“Who do you take me for?” And he said this in good humour, “A Slytherin?”

Malfoy bristled again, because the statement, despite playfully said, was undoubtedly true.

“Maybe,” And here Harry looked lovingly at his parents, “They were friends.”

“That’s almost like saying Voldemort loves Muggles and Dumbledore hates Lemon Drops,” Malfoy snorted in derision.

“Then, why is he smiling in this picture?” Harry challenged.

Malfoy threw his hands in the air, “Heaven knows why! Maybe he spiked the punch or something!”

“Do you really have that little faith in your dad?” Harry said, “I mean, there must be more then what meets the eye.”

Malfoy frowned at him, “You can’t talk. You haven’t lived with him for fifteen years.”

“The Dursleys would equal any amount of years with your dad,” Harry muttered.

“What was that?”


Malfoy scowled, “Why this drive about my dad?”

Harry blinked, “I dunno. I…just saw him here. And…”

“And what?” Malfoy jabbed a finger at Harry’s chest, “Get to the bloody point!”

Harry scowled at him, his good mood momentarily slipping and said primly, “I think even we could be friends.”

Malfoy’s glinting eyes widened, “What?”

“You heard me. I’m sick of this rivalry.”

“Well, what if I’m not?” Malfoy said, crossing his arms across his chest.

“Then I’ll quit,” Harry said simply.

“You wouldn’t.”


“Okay, so you would. Why?”

“Maybe,” And Harry closed his eyes, “I want more than this.”

There was silence from under the tree. The wind picked up speed and even Malfoy’s well-slicked hair was being ruffled. The clouds gathered at the edges of the horizon and soft petal like drops of water began to fall.

[Sing for me farewell]
[that sweet sound]
[of the past days]
[it always remember me]

“Potter,” Malfoy held his hand out, “It’s starting to rain.”

“I know,” Harry replied with his knowing smile.

“I don’t think you do,” Malfoy said crossly, “Otherwise you’ll be getting up and going back inside.”

“I think I’ll stay outside for a while,” Harry said, slouching back.

“You Gryffindors,” Malfoy snorted, “You know, staying in the rain doesn’t make you look brave, it makes you stupid.”

“I know.”

“Then why won’t you get up?”

Harry shot a surprised look at Malfoy, “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were…shall we say, concerned for my well being?”

Malfoy flushed. Oh, he hated it when Potter got the upper hand.

But…all this while, he has had the upper hand.

[the life of my love]
[beloveds of my heart]
[oh happy, you my soul]
[sing slowly]

It came in sheets; enveloping the both of them. Malfoy seemed lost for the first time in his life. Harry just watched the rain fall.

“Can we please go?” There was an odd itchiness in Malfoy’s throat and for some reason, his cheeks seemed to burn.

“Mr. Malfoy, I’m not keeping you here against your will,” Harry said mock-pleasantly, “You can leave any time you want.”

Malfoy gave him an evil glare and crossed his arms across his chest. His hair was pressed against his back, “Slimy Git,” He muttered.

“What was that?”

“None of your business.”

Harry smirked and turned his eyes back onto the torrential downpour. Malfoy noticed the raindrops reflected in his eyes and turned away.

Why was he feeling so unbearably sad? It’s as if the mere presence of Potter was blocking his lungs, not allowing him to breathe.

It was when his father entered the room and the very air turned stagnant.

[strengthen your lyre and sing]
[the hymn of death]
[the sky opens to us]
[they fly to the ray]

“Malfoy,” Now Harry’s voice was soft and commanding, “You should head back.”

“Why?” Malfoy said stubbornly, “I’m not moving until you do.”

“Are you trying to act smart?” Harry let out a bitter laugh, “Go.”

“What if I don’t want to?” He said, staring at Harry, “What if…I want to stay here?”

“You want to get sopping wet?” Harry said incredously.


Harry sighed. He knew better than to reason with a Malfoy.

Almost time…



“Can you…take this?”

Malfoy’s thoughts stopped to a shuddering halt, “That’s…that’s…” He stammered.

“I want…no, I need you to have it,” Harry said quietly.

“Why me?”

“Just take it.”


“Take it!” Now Harry’s breath was turning irregular. His hair had become slicked spikes in the rain.

“I don’t under—,”

[the life of the love]
[beloveds of my heart]
[oh happy, you my soul]
[Sing farewell]

Harry shoved it into Malfoy’s arms and smiled.

Malfoy blinked and looked down at his father’s smiling face.

“Malfoy…no, I mean Draco,” Harry’s voice was begging, “We’re friends now, right?”

Malfoy couldn’t bring himself to speak; he just nodded.

A small twitching smile appeared on Harry’s face before his clean-glass eyes seemed to darken from the sky.
The itchiness in Malfoy’s throat became a burning lump.


The sky was still crying with water.


The air turned still, even with the heavy beating of rain.


The photo album was on the ground forgotten.

‘Don’t you ever want to give up?’

‘I did already’

A/N: …(cries)….

Hit the review button if you appreciate angst. The song is ‘Canta Per Me’ from Noir OST. I do not own copyrights in this song.


;___; It makes me cry, that one-shot.

I'm writing a Malik/ Yami one-shot as well. ^__^ Surprisingly no one has thought of that as a pairing, which is something. So I'm going to do one! Yay me!

Found these quizzes. Must...use...them....

you got lord Aioshi they call him leader well
anywayes he has many fan girls soo whatever

which hot anime guy will you date out of these pic?
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O__O Who is this guy anyway?

You're the Irken, Invader Zim!
You're green, mean and you're on a mission of
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^__^ YAY! Zim-san! Love the little green...whatever he is...

Your Ruler of darkness, ur nearly always unhappy or depressed, most of the time your in a bad mood! and u usually are alone! You can be heartless at times but deep down u dont wanna
Your the ruler of darkness, ur nearly always
unhappy or depressed, most of the time your in
a bad mood! and u usually are alone! You can be
heartless at times but deep down u dont wanna b

Its just a personality quiz anime style (for girls only)
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>< Mistress Nine...bitch...

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Isaac-chan! *glomps him* Don't leave me!
Isaac: -__- From the way you're hugging me I don't think that's possible.

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O__O I don't know you either...

Ren Ren Ren Ren...
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>__< I thought Yoh had killed off this guy. *shrugs* Oh well...

My anime is...

What Anime is Right for You?

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O___O I'm Neo?!!

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O___O And Anna?!!

theOtaku.com: What Color Link Are You?

All: Are there more?

Me: Nah. Time for a break.

All: Thank God..

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