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I can't put any of my fics on ff.net!!! First it said document manager is for repairs and now I can't log in!!!

;__; And I so wanted to post the Malik one-shot...

For Misty-san! ^__^ This is that uke Kai one-shot I was telling you about.

He was shivering from the cold. The night was damp and there were holes in the roof.
Why did those strange men take his mommy away?


Something shuffled in the dark.

He stopped sniffling and waited cautiously.

“We found another one.”

“Do we take him in?”

“He’s pretty young.”

“He’s ripe, unlearned.”

“He’ll learn.”

“Yes, but what will he learn?”


“Curse them for being the ungrateful maggots they are,” The man hissed to his companion.

His companion smiled at him and glanced at the boy he was carrying.

The man’s eyes grew dark, “Maybe we should have left him.”

His companion shook his head and glared at him, “Unacceptable,” He said flatly, “He would have died.”

“It’s not like we’ll be giving him the best life.”

“True, but…it’s a life.”

The man glanced at the sleeping child, “He will learn revenge.”

“Then we shall temper it,” He said firmly, “He will be ours.”

“Ours,” He tasted the word on his tongue, “Yes, he’s ours.”

His companion grinned at him and pushed his hair off his eyes, “What will his name be?”



Kai leaned back on the cushioned chair. He had just finished his meeting with the Darson Company and was in a good mood. The deal had ended well for him and he had no more appointments for the day.
He needed more days like this. A chance to drown in the serenity.

Voltaire had long passed away and he held the reins of the company now. The assassinations had gotten worse, but he was able to control them with an iron rule.
There was someone roaming about, with the name of ‘Kishu’ which means ‘Direction’. An odd name, but certainly symbolic in its own way. Public favour would swing in Kishu’s direction, but Kai had tried to twist the public in his own direction. It doesn’t hurt to have the public’s devotion, especially on matter such as politics.

But despite how heroic or popular Kishu may be, he smirked, he was still favorite.
And always will be.

He got up from his chair and looked out his window. The Sun had risen to the middle of the sky and spreading its violet rays all over, bathing the world in purple light. Purple, the colour for royalty.

He walked out of the room…

…and narrowly dodged a dagger, which hit the wall next to him. He glanced sharply and saw a youth holding a dagger in his hand. Kai pulled the embedded dagger in the wall, and watched the youth warily. That was a good shot and nearly decapitated his head.
The youth smirked and from his belt…
…pulled out a long katana.

“Crap,” Kai swore. There was no way his teensy dagger was going to do any damage compared to that.

“Now, now, didn’t your parents tell you not to swear?” The youth admonished.

Kai blinked. An assassin with a sense of humour. What was this world coming to?

His eyes grew dark and he threw the dagger.

The youth caught it in his hand.

“…Shoot…” Kai muttered.

The youth grinned and came closer, “Come here Hiwatari. I promise not to make this very painful.”

“…I’m sure that’s very reassuring…” Kai said dryly.

“I mean it. Come with me, that’s all. I won’t even kill you.”

Kai snorted, “Why should I believe you? You’re holding up a katana, plus,” He added for emphasis, “You tried to take off my head with that stupid dagger.”

The youth shrugged, “Well, you could just trust me.”

“I think I’d rather die.”

“Not an option Hiwatari,” Now the youth’s eyes turned cold and foreboding, “I can always take you by force, you know.”

He did know. Shoot.

“Ummm…you promise you won’t kill me?”

The youth blinked, “Well, that was a change of heart. Yeah, I promise.”

Kai sighed and held his arms up in the air in surrender. Mentally, his pride took a major beating.
Then something solid hit his head and he knew no more.


“…I can’t believe you convinced him to give himself up…”

“I happen to take pride in my negotiating skills.”

“What did you tell him? ‘Do it or die?’”

“…Somewhat along the lines of that…”

“That’s just great Tyson. How can he help us now?!”

“Hey, that’s not my problem. My problem was to bring him here, that’s all.”

“Tyson, sometimes…”

“Sometimes, you wished you never recruited me, huh?”

“…Something along the lines of that.”

His head throbbed and those stupid voices weren’t making things better for him.

“Yo Rei, I think Sleeping Beauty is stirring…”

“If he’s Sleeping Beauty, who’s going to give the wake-up kiss?”


“Tyson, I know that expression. NO!”

“Aw, Rei…”

“That’s the last thing we need.”

“You’d think being part of a terrorist group would help you lighten up, but no such luck there…”


“Could you people bloody shut up?!” Kai growled as his eyes opened and he groaned. His head felt like a battering ram. He focused himself and saw there were two people in the room. One was a teen with blue-black hair and the most interesting swirling eyes. The other was fairly ordinary compared to the other one, except for his hair which reached the ground and was tied in a pony-tail. He had harsh amber eyes and raven hair.

The first one gave him a grin and glanced at the amber-eyed one, nudging him. The amber-eyed youth turned to the first person.

“Hey look Rei! Sleeping Beauty woke up!” He said (obviously sarcastic)

Kai blinked. Isn’t that…

“YOU!” He lunged at the blue-black teen and pinned him to the ground, “You’re the guy who attacked me! You said you wouldn’t kill me!”

The blue-black haired teen blinked, “Well, I think you’re still alive at the moment,” He clutched Kai’s hand, “And you have a pulse.”

Kai blushed and then shoved his blush away, “T-That’s not the point!” He snapped.

Tyson sighed. He hated getting the irrational ones, “Rei, get him off me, he’s heavy.”

“With pleasure,” Rei said vindictively, glaring at Kai. He pulled him off and Tyson pushed himself up.

Tyson glanced at Kai who looked murderous and smiled, “Well, back to business. Will you tell us your company’s sponsors?”

“…Why would you want to know that?” Kai said.


“Because what?”

“…Because…ummm Rei? Why do we need to find Hiwatari’s sponsors?”

Rei shrugged, “I don’t know either. Tala refused to tell me.”

Tyson groaned, “At times, I would like to bash that head of his. I’ll talk to him.”

Rei glanced at Tyson, “No guarantee he’ll listen.”

“Don’t worry,” There was a hint of determination in Tyson’s eyes, “I’ll make him listen.”

Rei shrugged and glanced at Kai who had been glaring at them for the past five minutes.

“Ummm…Hiwatari,” Tyson approached, “Those sponsors.”

Kai stuck his nose in the air, causing both Rei and Tyson to sweatdrop.

Rei went towards the doorway, “You reason with his highness here and I’ll call Tala, ok?”

“As long as you two don’t take long. The last time I went to talk to him, you two were in a very compromising posi—,”

A shoe flew and nearly hit Tyson’s head. Tyson smiled and turned to Kai who was still glaring at him. He sweatdropped and asked Megami mentally what did he do to deserve this.

“Hiwatari, tell us who they are please,” Tyson said.

Kai stuck his nose in the air. Tyson rubbed his forehead.

“I said please!”


“God, you are insufferable.”

“Well, you’re the one who captured me.”



“You surrendered, you idiot.”

“That’s because of the damn katana!”

“Oh,” Tyson grinned slyly, “You mean, this one?” In his hands was a glistening katana.

Kai glared at him some more and edged away from the katana.

Tyson laughed. Kai liked the sound of that. It was lilting.

“Well Hiwatari,” He cocked his head at him, “There are other ways.”

“Other ways?” For some reason, he just didn’t like the sound of that.

Tyson came closer, “Suuuurrrreeee. Don’t you know?”

Kai stepped back some more. He wasn’t the kind of guy who got intimidated easily, but there was something in this youth that gave him a thrill that was not altogether unpleasant, but not altogether pleasant either.

He didn’t have time to retaliate when Tyson pinned him to the wall. Kai shuddered, feeling Tyson’s breath on his neck.

“So, Hiwatari,” Tyson tilted his head in infinite curiosity, “Are you going to talk?”

“It’s Kai.”

“Huh?” Tyson was genuinely taken aback.

“My name is Kai.”

“Oh…okay,” Tyson was a little apprehensive at this reply, but shoved it at the back of his head, “Kai, tell me everything.”


Tyson sweatdropped. This guy could need some sense knocked into his two-toned blue head, “Can’t you guess?”


Tyson huffed, “And here I thought Rei was innocent. You make him seem like a stripper.”

“I do?”

Tyson facefaulted. He couldn’t believe his methods weren’t working. He glared at Kai and saw a fleeting smirk on his face.

The little trickster was baiting him!

“Not working Kai,” He grinned and leaned closer. Kai dropped the innocent act and began to sweat. Oh God…

Tyson glanced at Kai and licked his lips. Kai wondered how they would taste. And why they were so pink…

So Kai kissed him.


“HE WHAT??!!!!”

Tyson shrugged, “It’s not that bad really. It’s not like he attacked me.”

“But,” Rei glanced at Tala whether he had his support on this, “He kissed you!”

“And what a kiss,” Tyson said blissfully.

“Tyson??! HE KISSED YOU!!!”

Tyson winced, “I heard you the first time.”

“I-you-he-I give up!!!” Rei stomped off towards Tala, “You deal with him!!!”

Tala glanced at Tyson and gave him a smile, “So, did you guys have sex?”

Rei was aghast, “Tala!!!!!”

Tala laughed, “Just joking Rei,” Then his demeanor turned serious, “Tyson, he kissed you right?”


“Then I want you to get closer to him. Make him tell us who the sponsors are.”

Tyson looked uncomfortable. He had liked Kai to some degree, but betrayal is something he didn’t do with even enemies.

Tala softened when he saw the look on his face, “We won’t hurt him, ok? He’s safe.”

Tyson relaxed. Tala had a rigid sense of honour and if there was anyone whose word you could take, it was Tala’s.

Tala saw the teen relax and make his way out. He then glanced at Rei who was still full of righteous ire.

“I can’t believe you did that…” Rei bit out.

Tala had to laugh. Rei looked so funny when he was angry, “Well, I’ve got a feeling they would ‘work’ it out.”

Rei looked worried, “What if…it goes wrong?”

“For whom? I’m sure Tyson can handle anything that comes his way.”

“I’m not worried about Tyson. It’s Kai I’m worried about.”



Kai glanced at his plate of food and scrunched up his nose and pushed it away.

“I’m not eating that,” He stated primly.

Tyson sighed, “I swear on Megami-sama that I didn’t poison it and you can’t not eat all day!”

“Yes I can. Watch me.”

“Why are you such a brat? What, did your grandfather spoil you at an early age?”

Kai’s eyes grew menacing, “Trust me; my grandfather would be the least person responsible for that.”

Tyson changed the topic. Apparently, his grandfather was a sore spot for him, “Just eat it Kai.”

“What would I get in return?”

I don’t believe it. He’s bargaining for avoiding food!? Tyson said exasperatedly.

“Kai, eat it,” Tyson said flatly, a tone he had learned from Rei.

Kai stuck his nose in the air.

Megami, lend me grace…Tyson thought. Then an idea hit him.

He took the plate and began picking at the food. Kai looked mildly curious.
He then, took the chicken and began chewing it and contemplated.

“Yum…” Tyson said dreamily, eyeing Kai from the corner of his eye.

Apparently Kai is regretting his decision to relinquish his meal. His fingers itched towards the plate. Tyson grinned and mentally in his head, chalked up a score for himself.

He feigned innocence, “Kai? I thought you didn’t want to eat?”

Kai growled, “Just. Give. The. Plate.” He had a hard reign of his emotions, but seeing Tyson with closed eyes and his face a picture of serenity, lit a fire from within himself.

He wouldn’t like to admit. Hell, he would anything to avoid.
But he felt like he was in love.

The way his hair settled on his face, the way he joked around with him.

He treated Kai like…Kai. No distinction, no lowly comments, no snubs…

When Tyson was there, he was Kai. Not CEO of Hiwatari Enterprises, not anyone people make him to be.

“Kai, are you going to eat that, or are you going to continuously poke it with your fork?” Tyson questioned.

Kai sniffed and put the chicken piece in his mouth. Tyson smiled, “Good boy.”

Kai thought about something, “Why do you want the names of my sponsors?”

Tyson hesitated. He wasn’t sure whether he was supposed to share this information.
But it couldn’t hurt to tell him something…

“Well, apparently, Tala suspects some of them to be supporters of the government. He needs the names to check…”

Kai dropped his fork in shock, “You mean…you don’t support the Devor system?”

“No,” It was such a cold frigid tone that Kai decided not to pursue the subject.

Kai then picked up his fork and began stabbing his meal.

Then out of the blue, he blurted out, “Why?”

Tyson’s swirling eyes turned a deep black, “Leave it, ok?”


“But what?” Tyson snapped. It wasn’t Kai to be so inquisitive.

“How can I help you…if I don’t know why you’re doing this? The Devor System has been nothing but good things for me.”

Tyson rubbed his chin, his eyes softening. Maybe…
He looked into Kai’s love-coloured eyes and thought about it.

“Okay, here’s the thing,” Tyson said slowly, “The Devor system ensures that the nobles get a good life. The same rule doesn’t apply to the Commoners. I should know. When my mother couldn’t pay the tax, they took her away…to a concentration camp.”

Kai felt a chill, “But concentration camps are for criminals!”

Tyson stared at him with a grey sense of humour, “Everyone is criminal in the eyes of the Devor system.”

“How do I know you’re not lying to me?!” Kai fought down whatever feelings were rising from inside. He knew Tyson wasn’t lying, but he couldn’t! He couldn’t believe it! He wouldn’t!

“You should know me better than that, Hiwatari,” Tyson said softly, getting up, “I’ll come take your plate later, okay?” With that, he strode out of the room, leaving Kai in the dark.


Damn him! Damn him to Hell!

He just couldn’t understand himself. One minute he wanted to strangle him, the next minute he just wanted to wrap his arms around him and kiss him goodnight.

Was he actually falling in love…with the enemy? With a Hiwatari, no less! One of the people responsible for his mother’s imprisonment!

Yet, he couldn’t shale the fact that Kai…wasn’t like the rest.
He was different.
He stood out like a lantern in the dark. And like a moth, Tyson had gotten attracted to him.
And. He. Just. Couldn’t. Shake. It. Off.

He wanted to. He really did! But finally he gave up to the sweet surrender and admitted it.
He was in love with Kai Hiwatari.

“Damn it…” He said brokenly. He fell in love…
How could this happen?



“We have a message from Lee.”

“Right. I’ll be there.”

Tyson sighed as the speaker phone went off.

Damn him…


Rei pushed the work off his desk in an attempt to get his legs on the desk. Hiwatari had been here for three days and he still hadn’t told them the sponsors.

Normally, he would tell Tyson to ‘convince’ him, but the youth has been oddly edgy lately. Has been avoiding eye contact with everyone, including Rei himself. So, Rei has left the situation in Tyson’s ‘capable’ hands.

“Rei Kon? Lee’s here from Reconnaissance.”


Lee walked into the room with Tyson at his heels. Rei started at the grim expression on the stoic spy, “Lee?”

Tyson looked like hell as well.

“Please say this isn’t bad news,” Rei pleaded, his heart drumming. Tala…

“It’s not…that bad…” Lee said with a smirk on his face before darkening, “They’re demanding that we release Hiwatari.”

Rei blinked and scowled, “That’s the bad news? I thought it was serious.”

“Rei…” Tyson said hesitantly, “They’re threatening to burn down Havam.”

Rei blinked before his eyes enlarged into a size that is physically impossible.

“They…They can’t…” Rei said weakly. Tala was in Havam…

“Apparently, they will,” Lee said bitterly as if something distasteful on his tongue, “Either Hiwatari is handed over…or we hand over Kishu.”

Rei sat down, his hands shaking. This couldn’t be happening!

His eyes hardened into harsh amber, “They…dare give us demands?! We have Hiwatari!”

“Rei-san,” Tyson said respectfully, causing Rei to look at the youth, “I’ll give myself up if you want.”

“Don’t be stupid Tyson,” Rei said sharply, “They can’t force us to do anything…”

“Rei, not for me, then for Tala.”

Rei sucked in breath, his hands shaking from under the table.

“No,” A voice said.

Tyson turned his head to see Kai at the doorway.

He raised half-dead eyes at Tyson and fled.

“Wait! Kai!”


He couldn’t believe it. He didn’t want to believe it…

‘They threatened to burn down Havam’

He had been to Havam once, when he was a child. It was a serene place, untouched by the rules that bind their world. He had liked that place because it was one of the places that held pleasant childhood memories.

‘We hand over Hiwatari…or we hand over Kishu’

It felt like rain on his back, hard and unrelenting. It hurt him. His eyes darkened, feeling a source of abject misery. These ‘terrorists’ had shattered his pillar, his belief.
By telling him the truth.

Was truth that dangerous? He had no idea.

How could he have known? He had led a cushy life under the Devor system.


He turned to meet Tyson’s concerned eyes.

“Nothing’s been decided yet…” Tyson trailed off, catching the look in his eye, “We…”

Kai approached him steadily, his footfall soft and heavy.

‘I’ll give myself up if you want’

Why didn’t he say, ‘Get rid of Hiwatari’?

‘Not for me, then for Tala’

But if he had given up Kai, neither would have to suffer.

So then why?

“Why?” Kai choked.

Tyson’s heart sank. He was hoping Kai wouldn’t ask this particular question.

“Because…it goes against everything we stand for,” Tyson said, looking beyond him, “The term ‘terrorist’ is incorrect. We are revolutionists. We’re here to change…this.”

“You haven’t answered my question,” Kai said harshly, seeing Tyson wince.

“I don’t have to tell you anything!” Tyson retorted angrily, but ruined the effect by biting his lip nervously.


“Shut up!”


“I said, shut up!” Tyson yelled, covering his ears. Kai took a step back in apprehension, “I…didn’t want to lose… this.”

Kai’s breath stopped.

‘I didn’t want to lose…this.’

“You…”Kai stammered, “You…”

Tyson smiled sadly, “I’ll see you later Kai.”

With that, he turned on his heel and walked away, leaving Kai with his new revelation.


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