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Right. This is a project week update!


Day 1 (18th)

 Travel
 Bat Exodus
 Orchid Gazebo

Day 2 (19th)

 Paku Waterfall
 Night Walk

Day 3 (20th)

 Camp 1

Day 4 (21st)

 Deer and Langs Cave
 Clearwater Caves (if not able to, do it next day)
 Mulu Canopy Skywalk
 Plants for Life

Day 5 (22nd)

 Trek to Camp 5
 Clearwater Caves (?)

Day 6 (23rd)

 Kerangas Forest
 Melinau River

Day 7 (24th)

 Trek back to HQ

And here's the e-mail. I didn't do much editing. Anyone wants to edit, leave a comment okay?

To whomever it may concern,

We’re a group of four students, aged 16-18, from the United World College of South East Asia in Singapore. It’s part of our curriculum to plan an unsupervised trip outside of Singapore.

We’re interested in staying at the Mulu National Park for six days in March, 2006 (From the 18th to 24th). We have visited your website, but would like some more information concerning travel and accommodation details.

Concerning travel, we would like to know what modes of transportation can be used to get to Mulu. The local plane service gives first choice to the locals and we were wondering whether there could be a problem taking the flight back to the Miri airport. It would be really useful if you could provide us with a flight schedule and any other details that you think we might need.

Concerning accommodation, we want to know the price of a Longhouse room with single beds for four people per night, and if it’s possible to reserve one this early. We would also like to know whether food would be provided at Camp 1 and what kind of accommodations at the camp would be available (also the possible equipment we would have to bring if we’re staying at the camp).

Other things that we would want to know:
1) Would it be possible to request a female guide?
2) The approximate size of the lockers.
3) Timings for Orchid Gazebo, Clear Water and Wind Cave, Deer and Langs Cave. Do the timings include trekking back?
4) For certain treks, is it compulsory to stay at Camp 1
5) Is it possible to do all the caves offered in one day?
6) How long is the Canopy Skywalk?

^_^ Good.

EDIT: "Miri and Limbang are the two main entry points to Mulu National Park. From Miri, visitors can either fly by scheduled Twin Otter flights operated daily by MAS or take the express boat and motorised-longboat all the way to Mulu"


There are MAS flights from Miri daily and from Kota Kinabalu on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Ring = Miri agent is Trans World Travel: 60 85 438989
MAS Kuching = 60 82 246622
MAS general reservations = 1300 88 3000

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