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What I got for christmas

-Tintin TV series set
-Naruto necklace (>.> My brother has good taste after all)
-Dragon bag
-Anime calendar (tell me, how many of you guys got this for Christmas?)
-Vouchers for Kinokuniya (YAY!)

Pretty cool actually. And Kali-chan, here's your Christmas present!

Chapter: Eight
Title: Cold is the Search for Truth
Rating: PG-13

Chapter Eight: Cold is the Search for Truth

The Dark World was a harsh place. Link wondered how Ganon managed to survive long enough to even find the Triforce. The water was dark and polluted; the animals were dangerous and ferocious. Even the weather around them seemed to work against them everyday. Link adjusted his backpack and shot a glance at Sheik. The younger boy was struggling, he could tell. Sheik was not used to such long hours of travel. Link sighed and gestured to Sheik for a stop. Sheik nodded slightly.

They sat down near a brook near a forest. According to the map, Link though uncurling the old parchment, we should be near the palace. There, the Triforce was waiting. Link knew it would be there. He felt its presence the minute he descended onto this world. Power was throbbing in his heart and he could almost see the palace of Hyrule in the distance glow.

Sheik shrugged off his backpack and pulled out his flask of water. Jugging it down his throat eagerly and wiping his mouth, he watched Link stare at the map as if to burn holes in it.

“Hey Link,” Sheik began, “We WILL be able to return to Hyrule right?”

Link nodded, “Yeah. The Pearl just helps us keep our sanity. That’s why when Ganondorf and his group entered here, they died really quickly. But I can open the door as long as there is a Temple of Time.”

“Good ‘cause,” Sheik fidgeted slightly, “I wouldn’t mind heading home anytime now you know.”

Link smiled slightly and said, “I’ll make sure you do.” I’ll do everything to make sure you don’t die here, he thought, because then I would have failed again.

He then shook his head from his depressing thoughts and turned to the map. In the back of his head, he could hear the straining of a violin.


Sheik stirred slightly and threw the blankets off him in frustration. Everything about this world felt uncomfortable, like an itch you simply can’t get rid of, no matter how much you scratch it. Link wasn’t bothered obviously, sleeping almost immediately. Sheik worried about him. The closer they approached the Hyrule castle, the more withdrawn and quiet Link had become. Sometimes, Sheik felt that Sasarala had deceived them both and that Link was losing parts of himself to the howling wilderness around them.

He stood up and surveyed his surroundings. It was quiet, unusually quiet, but perhaps that was the way of the creatures here. Sheik didn’t know, didn’t understand on what principles this world worked on. He felt like a fish out of water and the birds were staring at him like a fresh piece of meat. He shuddered and tended to the dying flame near Link.

When he was younger, he had heard of the legendary Hero of Time almost everyday. Zelda who had retreated into the protection of the Sheikahs talked about him everyday. Every day she waited and prayed. Sheik watched her at a distance and wondered what kind of person would inspire such loyalty? Sheikahs always stood for themselves and their shadow. They owed loyalty to no one else save the leader and the king. Even then, they were only used in the direst of situations. So why, he wondered, did she wait for someone she barely knew.

Before he knew, everyone waited for the Hero of Time. Impa, his mother, his friends…all of them waited for the Hero of Time. He didn’t. He couldn’t understand their devotion and hope rested on one person. Sure, that person was a hero, but wasn’t he mortal too? Like themselves?

Sheik shifted and looked at Link. His long bangs fell over his face and all his creases near his forehead had smoothed over. His eyes were blissfully shut and his breath came out in small long breaths. His cap was by his hands and his legs had stretched over the blanket. Sheik straightened the blanket carefully and stared up at the moon. At least, he thought, that still looks the same.

Just you wait Link. I’ll be the one to protect you this time.

Link sighed in his sleep.


Hero of Time, you’re here at last! A voice cackled in the darkness and Link shot up in his sleep. The moon was fading from view, so he guessed it was nearly dawn. Link immediately grabbed the Master Sword and had his shield ready. He could hear his instincts hammer one message in his mind. Threat, threat, threat! It screamed out at him.

“Sheik!” Link shook his friend hurriedly, “Get up!”

“Huh? Whassup?” Sheik said blearily, rubbing sleep from his eyes, “What’s going on—,” His eyes snapped open and he shot up and readied his needles, “Link, what’s coming this way?” He said tersely, “It radiates the worse feeling of ill intent I’ve felt since coming to the world.”

Link spun on his heels slightly; trying to pinpoint the direction he had heard that mocking voice, “It feels familiar,” He thought, trying to remember all the creatures he had defeated before. None of them had ever spoken before…yet; this voice had the tinge of scorn and familiarity when it addressed him first. Link knew this voice…

I’m hurt, the voice whispered in his mind, have you really forgotten me so soon?

Link cringed. The voice seemed to grate his nerves. Silently, he scanned the area around him. There were woods all around them and a brook by their right side. And beyond the right side of the brook was an open prairie. So, whoever the mysterious voice was, he (or she, he thought) had to come from the woods. Sheik fisted his needles and his red eyes darted from side to side for a surprise attack.

No need to worry, the voice said and Link paled, here, there are far worse things than little ole’ me.

Without a sound, someone (or something) stepped out of the woods. Both Link and Sheik tensed. The Sun just hit the sky and then Link and Sheik got a good look at the person. He wore what seemed to be a Kokiri tunic and boots, except they were dark black like his hair and eyes. And by his side, was an identical Master Sword except his looked like tarnished gold rather than glinting sliver. Link’s grip on his sword slackened as memories came rushing back.

Sheik almost dropped all his needles, “L-Link?” And his eyes trailed off to Link beside him, “But t-that’s impossible. How can—,”

“Ever heard of the Law of Opposites?” the darker conterpart sneered and Sheik’s eyes narrowed, “Do you really think someone ass powerful as the Hero of Time can’t have an evil counterpart? Ganondorf doesn’t count you know.”

“You’re dead,” Link’s voice sounded more terrifying than the counterpart in front of them. Sheik shuddered involuntarily, “I killed you myself.”

“Ah,” Dark Link said softly, “But that, I’m afraid, was actually nothing more than a shadow of myself. Not even Gannon had the power to bring a creature like myself to the Light World.”

Link tightened his grip on the Master Sword, “Then I’ll just have to kill you again wouldn’t I?”

Dark Link sighed, “Don’t be so hasty. Who says I came here all the way to kill you?”

Sheik’s needles missed Dark Link by an inch, “Who says we’re going to trust you?”

Dark Link pouted, “But he would,” He turned to Link, ignoring Sheik purposely, “Wouldn’t you, Light?”

“Light?” Link asked quizzically.

“I am Dark,” Dark Link said as if trying to talk to a child, “And you are Light. It’s going to be hard if we both call each other ‘Link’. Who knows what kind of identity crisis might follow? No wait…” And those black eyes gleamed with an inhuman light, “That’s why you’re here, isn’t it? You’re here to solve your identity crisis.”

Link paled and Sheik growled under his breath. Dark Link sighed, “But you’ll need me. Unlike my light counterpart here, I know what you need to find the Triforce.”

Link took a step back, “How do you know that?”

Dark Link took a step closer to Link until they were inches apart, “My dear Light, we are the same.”

Link lurched back and his eyes grew dark at those words. Dark Link chuckled softly.

Yes, ignore the YGO hints in that. >.>

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    You know you have a good job when you spend hours talking to your boss about Lord of the Rings. I have a good job. Just wished it paid more though.


    So everything could have been averted if Dean and Sam just gave Cas hugs.

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