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Comment with a character or a pairing from a series I know and I'll either talk your ears off about him/her/it or grind my teeth together and stutter out some sentence fragments.

glinked from illianaka because I felt I needed to do some memes. @___@ Just to keep my mind off spazzing about KH2 every five minutes.
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I see you are in fandom withdrawal re KH2, or something.

Hah. Sanzo/Hakkai, just for my amusement.
>.> Hate so much for you right now.

Sanzo/Hakkai is one of thos pairings I can never see work. Sanzo is one of those people that everyone wants paired up with their favourite character because a) he's hot b) the guy is sadly, very emotionally retarded. And I say that in a nice way. Hakkai is also, somewhat emotionally retarded and is totally hopeless when it comes to relationships. So, seeing these two guys together (yes, I can understand similar problems could help, but not here). Hakkai clearly respects Sanzo, but when it really comes down to it, Hakkai would probably stick with Gojyo (and even Goku) rather than Sanzo. In fact, this happened to canon (Gunlock) where the Ikkou left Sanzo. When Sanzo didn't stop to get Gojyo and Goku back, Hakkai stormed off with them and left. Sanzo wasn't doing very well (he had to walk XD).

So yeah. NOT HAPPENING. (Totally babbled about a pairing I hate. Go figure)
;__; So mean.

Okay, I admit one of the first fanfictions I read was a Rei/Kai and it was called, "Shwartz Unterwelt" (or something like that). It was a pretty fic and it was written well, but it didn't feel right. Then I started searching for TyKa fanfiction and came across LV's masterpiece. Now, I could feel for that pairing ten times more than the other fic I had. And when I looked back to the few Beyblade episodes I had seen, it made so much more sense than Rei/Kai. Rei/Kai just seems to muddle up my brains. @__@ And for some reason, Rei is portrayed 98% of the time as a hopeless uke. Sad really.
^_^ You know I love you.

TyKa was one of my first ever pairings I got into. And I felt that it worked beautifully. Even in canon, in the first ten episodes, I could feel it. So I searched high and low for a good fanfic. I was lucky I found a good one and lo and behold, I was converted. Even now, I remain to this day that TyKa is Canon and you really can't argue against it. >.> I don't mind crack pairings in Beyblade (heck, I wrote Rei/Tyson and Tyson/Tala) but even then, I put TyKa in those stories. XD Devoted to the death, I'm afraid.