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Title: What about Marriage?
Pairings: Tyson x Kai
Rating: G
WARNINGS: Other than extreme sap, nothing else

“Hey Kai, can we get married?”

Kai choked slightly on air and stared at Tyson with wide eyes, “…Repeat that?”

“You heard me.”

“No really, repeat that.”

Tyson sighed, “Can we get married?”

Kai felt the urge to go into a coughing fit, but decided against it, “Gay marriage isn’t legal in Japan.”

Tyson huffed, “Well, with that attitude, no wonder.”

Kai rolled his eyes, “So it’s my fault gay marriage isn’t legal in Japan?”

Tyson couldn’t think of a reply to that.

“Then we’ll move to Sweden!”

“I don’t want to live in Sweden,” Kai said, looking absolutely bored.

“But Kaaaaai, I want to get married!”

“Why?” Kai couldn’t understand why Tyson was so hung up on this concept.

Tyson fidgeted slightly, “Becauseitwouldbecoolandwegetahugecaketoeat.”

Kai blinked. And blinked again, “…Repeat that. Slowly.”

Tyson whined slightly, “Because it would be cool and we get a huge cake to eat.”

Kai’s eyebrow twitched, “You want to get married so you could eat the wedding cake?!”

“That’s the gist, yes.”

“Then we’re not getting married,” Kai said, feeling miffed. Honestly, who wants to get married just for the cake? Tyson must have missed the whole romantic symbolic meaning behind it obviously.

“And I want to see you in a dress.”

“Why should I wear the dress?” He retorted, starting to feel that this conversation was going over his head.

“Because….I would like to see you in a dress,” Tyson said warmly and Kai melted.

“I’m still not wearing a dress.”

Tyson sighed, “Where should we get married?”

“I told you, we’re not getting married!”

“Perhaps France. I heard Venice is very romantic during the winter.”

“Tyson,” Kai started feeling more and more frustrated, “have you been listening to anything I’ve just said.”

“Of course not Kai,” Tyson said innocently, “Why would I do a thing like that.”

“THAT’S IT!” And Kai lunged for Tyson and they tumbled onto the ground, arms and legs tangled together. Finally, they stopped; both of them facing the sky, arms and legs spread apart.

“Hey Kai…”

“Mmmm?” Kai said, staring at the sky mindlessly.

“If I really meant everything I said…if I really wanted to get married…you would marry me right?”

“What kind of stupid question is that?” Kai said softly.

“Ah, I guess it is stupid isn’t it?” Tyson sighed.

“Course it is. You already know the answer to that.” Kai said, closing his eyes.

Tyson looked at Kai and smiled.

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    I wonder if it's possible to make a life for yourself if you keep failing secondary education.

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    I'm starting to wonder if good MCU Bucky players are like mythical creatures. Everyone thinks they exist, but they really don't.

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    With talk of Civil War and Ant-Man, maybe the MCU will destroy itself in a blaze of glory. One can hope.

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