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Right. I have my oral today. I'm nervous. I'm scared. And I feel like writing a fanfic (figures this would happne when school starts)

Two more days till I turn eighteen. I'm started to think iy's like a death countdown.

And for some reason, my Golden Sun catridge died on me. >.> So I've resorted to replaying Fire emblem (I swear, that game NEVER gets old.)

Saving up money for either

1) Steam Detectives Box Set + soundtrack + Shadow Skill soundtracks
2) Playstation 3 + Kingdom hearts One and Two
3) Peacemaker Kurogane + Saiyuki gunlock

I'll probably go for the Steam Detectives, because I love Narutaki and it was one of the first animes I ever saw. It's a classic and I'd recommend to anyone.

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