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Still ranting about LoZ:OoT

Damn Wall-Masters...

I can take on Stalfos, Moblins, Skulltula ...

And it's the moving hands that get me in the end!

Working on another YGO video. Angy said I should have a focus for this one.
The last one we did was completely pointless. ^^;

Went on a downloading spree. Got the openings for Full Metal Alchemist (BTW, does anyone know what that show is about?! Angy gave some crzy story and...frankly, I'm lost...)
One Piece (We have over 30 episodes of that. But, they're all in Japanese...*sobs*) Outlaw Star (The guy is just cool) Inu-yasha (I'm sorry all you Inu-Yasha fans but the Japanese song sux big time)
Teen Titans (both in English and Japanese. I see why White Dog likes it so much) and Trigun (*snorts and starts laughing*)
Have three tests tomorrow, so I'm telling you guys that I have written my will and you can keep all my story ideas....

(over 34 and counting)


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    With talk of Civil War and Ant-Man, maybe the MCU will destroy itself in a blaze of glory. One can hope.

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    Happy 2014, wherever you might be.

  • Christmas fics!

    Request a pairing/fandom + prompt and I will write you something for Christmas.

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