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Signalling rant and spoilers for Full Metal Alchemist movie. Read at your own risk. You have been warned.



I swear, I feel like strangeling every single producer. I mean, Roy angsting in the snow? Acting totally depressed (I did find the Roy/Ed hint funny though).

But yeah, the ending just depressed me. Alphonse Heidrich dies *woe*, Parallel universe Hughes is a NAZI (WTF were you guys thinking???), Ed is permenently depressed, Winry is depressed and Izumi is DEAD. WHY IS IZUMI DEAD??? and WRY couldn't they stay in their home world?!! Happy endings are good for the soul!

But yeah, it was a good movie (if not weird). But I find the whole sematics of the movie keeps bothering me. Or I just feel like ranting (RANT RANT RANT RAWR)

And Al has a detachable soul. That shouldn't even make sense.

Okay rant done. How are you guys?
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