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Bleach: Episode 64

What. The. Fuck.

Renji comes dressed as a hippie. Orihime has her identity crisis. Ichigo has muscles. And he looks hot. Hotter than usual. And the ending has stuff toys dancing. And no, I don't mean Kon.

Though Renji being a freeloader at Urahara's was quite funny.

And the Chad x Ichigo hint. Keigo at his best. More Tatsuki x Orihime hints (yay!), but yeah, I'm still in shock over the ending (Stuffed animals why?)

So. How's life?

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    Livejournal, what did you do.


    So everything could have been averted if Dean and Sam just gave Cas hugs.

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    I signed up for the Vampire Big Bang ...thing. I have never done a Big Bang before! And it looks terrifying but exhilarating. And I can do whatever I…

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