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So I finally got inspired and wrote some Fire Emblem drabbles. I probably work them out individually later, but now, they're just drabbles with potential.

"You should talk more," Soren said bluntly, placing his tome onto the table. They were in their tent and Ike was busy sharpening his sword. His eyes were focused on nothing else and he paused in his work at Soren's question.

"Why?" He asked, slightly confused, looking up. The question seemed to unhinge him, "It never mattered before."

Soren picked up his tome again and said, "People would understand better if you said what's on your mind?"

Ike was confused, "I always say what's on my mind."

"No, I mean the things you don't say. Like the Black Knight."

Ike said nothing. Outside the tent, you could hear Mia's laugher ringing in the air.

"I can't yet," He said finally, "Not yet."

Soren's grip on his Tome increased, "I know," He whispered, "But –,”


Reyson watched Tibarn fly away in the dark of night. He watched Tibarn as he became nothing more than a speck in the sky. His weakness felt overwhelming and he longed to take wing. And save his sister.

What had he accomplished? Nothing.

He was here, doing nothing, while Tibarn went to save the day again.

He bent down, his wings brushing against the ground. Weak, he told himself, you're too weak.

He felt another's presence, but ignored it.

Couldn't save anyone but yourself that night.

He clutched his forearms tightly and repeated this mantra.

"She'll be all right."

Reyson and Ike spent the whole night outside.


Naesala wanted to wring Tibarn's feathered neck. The very thought of it gave him pleasure. Tibarn and his pride. Pah! Pride does not fill stomachs, pride does not keep hunger at bay. Tibarn's pride can starve, but Naesala will not let his people suffer.
It did hurt, no matter how much he denied it. Seeing Tibarn and Reyson together just like yesterday, made Naesala weak. But sometimes, he wouldn't look long enough to notice that their eyes were on him as well.


There was a knock on his door. He did not usually get knocks on his door, so he pulled the curtains and lit a candle before opening the door. Greil, bloody and dirty walked in and Volke shut the door.

"What are you doing here?" Volke said, shoving Greil down onto the seat, "Coming here is suicide for both of us!"
Greil said nothing, sitting down, his hands in his lap. Ragnell lay on his feet and Volke wondered what had happened to the man he knew. Silently he laid the candle down to his side and said, "...Greil"

"...Volke......" Greil finally spoke, "I need you to kill me."

Volke sucked in a long breath and said, "You ask too much. I can't kill you." Won't, Can't, they're the same.

Greil said nothing.

"Gawain of the four Riders!"

Greil immediately shot up, his eyes glaring into Volke. Volke smirked silently from underneath his mask and asked, "What did you do?"

Greil lapsed back into his previous state, "Elena..." He said quietly. He buried his face in his hands.

Volke extinguished the candle. The light felt too hopeful in the night.



"Wha-Oof! Ranulf!"


"What is it?"

"Can you smile?"


"Well, since you seem to always have this deep brooding look around you, I wondered if you could, well, smile."

"...My facial muscles still work, you know."

"Really? Prove it!"

"....Well, I don't feel like it."

"You can't, can you?"

"Of course I can."

"I see no smile."


"...That's your war grin."

"Fine. How about this?"

"Ike, can I get a mirror?"

"....How’s this?"



"...pfft!! Hahahahaha, I can't believe you did it."



Ellincia would worry about Geoffrey. He wants to protect her and she understands that. She is a princess, he was her warrior. She could not argue and he would not change that for the world. Yet....out of all subjects, of all the people she has met and loved and cared for, she would not speak anything should something happen to Geoffrey.

It was her only weakness and yet, she will not deny him his.


Right. Critism, flames, hate mail. Anything will do. XD

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