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Writing as usual...posted up AA, chappie five...
Angy's sick, poor girl....

Anyway, my first Seto x Yuugi. Very different from others, so read it!

It was the kind of feeling you get when you walk into a room you didn’t belong to. To people you knew so well but seem like foreigners to his eyes. Or the strange sense of vapour in the air, like salt.


He didn’t know why he was there. He wanted to be there, true. But everyone treated him like they did before.

It didn’t hurt. He gave that up long time ago.

He walked up to the open space in the ground and pressed his eyes elsewhere as if trying to ignore it. The prickling that seemed to sting.

He cast a small glance at the open space and wished he hadn’t.

They approached him slowly as if he was a wild animal. In a sense he was.


‘But he didn’t think you were unacceptable, did he?’

He stopped his train of thoughts and remembered.

So many things to remember now…


Now…and then…


He turned to face the pretty tri-colored youth with those eyes. They were wide and yet, they seemed closed to him.

The whole world seemed closed to him.

The ache in his chest grew and he wished he could cry.

He had forgotten how to cry.

What a waste. What a selfish was—

“Ne, Kaiba,” Yuugi shook his head, “There’s no point in that now.”

Kaiba felt the ache grow slightly.

“I want you to do it,” And now those pretty violet eyes were cold, and frost-flecked. Kaiba would have sworn then and there it was Yuugi’s alter ego, but it was not so.

It was Yuugi Motou who told him to do it. There was no please, yet no demand. He told him to do it. No evading, no sidetracking, nothing. No honeyed traps for the lost fly.

“He would have wanted you to do it,” Yuugi said, softening the blow.

“And how would you know that?” Kaiba snarled, “How would you know?”

“Because I did know,” Yuugi replied curtly in response.

Kaiba felt the rage of the fight flee him.

“You can do it Kaiba. Forget that you are who you are now,” Yuugi’s eyes glimmered. Was it the Sun? But it was cloudy, “Remember who you were then.”

And Kaiba did the service for Jonouchi Katsuya’s funeral.


There was that feeling again when he got back home and the curtains were drawn covering his house in shadow. Shadow…

Mokuba was there. He gave him a hug and asked him if there was anything he wanted, he had only to ask.

There was one thing he wanted…

Just one thing…

And no amount of enthusiasm on Mokuba’s part or all the green crinkled money he had could bring it back.

Jonouchi…you fool…

You fool…

Yuugi had called up, checking on him and politely asking how he was doing. Kaiba knew that Yuugi had suspected that he had suicide in his mind. But he had a brother and he would never push him away, even by death.

Seto Kaiba kept his promises.

No one could deny him that.

He wanted to cry, but he lost that a long time ago.

‘You don’t have to cry to be human, Seto.’

That’s what Jonouchi told him one night.


“Jonouchi, you fool,” Seto said. The ache in his chest seemed to magnify as his eyes began to prick from the salt.


“Ne Kaiba…it’s been some time now…” Yuugi said quietly.

Kaiba had asked Yuugi to come with him to the cemetery.

It’s well proven that you should keep your friends close, but your enemies closer, and like it or not, Kaiba trusted his enemy.

Kaiba let his knuckles brush hoary stone.

Yuugi saw this gesture and said nothing.

“I wish I could cry,” Kaiba said suddenly, “Why can’t I cry Yuugi? I want to cry for him.”

“Kaiba, you can’t always have what you want,” Yuugi said shaking his head.

Kaiba felt a hot flash of anger and he slammed Yuugi against the tombstone, “I’m Seto Kaiba!” He snarled, “I get what I want!”

Yuugi got up, though unsteady. His eyes whirled from red to purple. The other half was trying to get control. Kaiba tensed.

Then it settled to violet and Yuugi said softly, “Sometimes crying will not heal you or bring the one you want the most back. Or the feelings you lost in the process.”

Somehow those words inexplicably calmed Kaiba down and he felt the ache in his chest ebb away slightly.

Yuugi looked away, “You aren’t the only one who lost him,” He said flatly, “I lost him too. And maybe we cannot compare pain…” His violet eyes seemed to glow, “I do understand what you’re going through.”

Kaiba suddenly wished that his violet eyes were amber instead.

Yuugi tilted his head at him, sunlight caught in the trappings of his violet gold hair.

Jonouchi had gold hair…

“Ne, Kaiba…” Yuugi said, “I wish I could cry too.”

Kaiba bent down to face the silver tablet buried in the ground. He didn’t read the inscription. It would bring back the ache in his chest.

Yuugi turned his head away, “Kaiba, it’s going to rain.”

Yuugi didn’t tell him to leave, nor did he say to move.

Kaiba turned his lean face next to Yuugi’s own. And leaned in for a kiss.

Kisses are not beautiful, not honey on the tongue.

They were a vent for the wretched.

Kaiba suddenly broke apart, staring at Yuugi in horror.

Yuugi said nothing and if he felt anything, he didn’t mention it.

The rain began to fall.

“Why didn’t you stop me?” Kaiba asked. Pleaded.

“Would you have listened to me?” Yuugi said sarcastically, “Besides…” His voice seemed to break, “You weren’t kissing me. You kissed Jonouchi.”

Kaiba said nothing, the drumming of his heart in his hands and lips.

“You taste like fire…” He murmured.

“So I’ve been told,” Yuugi said bitterly, “I forgive you Kaiba. Not that’s anything to forgive.”

“I don’t want forgiveness!” Kaiba yelled, the torrential downpour, drowning his ears, “I want—,” He stopped, realizing what he was about to say.

He wanted Jonouchi.

He wanted Yuugi for Jonouchi.

“I know what you want Kaiba,” Yuugi said coldly, “But I’m not going to substitute!”

“That’s not what I meant Yuugi and you know it,” Kaiba snarled, “I need…a hold. Someone I can hold.”

“I’m sorry, Kaiba,” Now Yuugi seemed diminished, almost child-like. Kaiba never realized how tiny he was. His personality made that up for that account, “But I can’t be your hold to sanity.”


“I can’t.”

“O-negai [1]”

Yuugi jerked at that, but he remained somewhat impassive.

“No, Kaiba,” And here Yuugi seemed to smile from forgotten memories, “I owe you and Jonouchi more than that.”

And he walked away, hair drenched from the rain.

And this time, Kaiba did cry.

A/N: O__O In my weird head, this story made sense…I think…><

Anyway, for the confused. Seto asked Yuugi to love him so that he wouldn’t loose his memories of Jonouchi. And Yuugi refused.
;__; How sad…

I do know that Yuugi is extremely OC here, but grief can make anyone OC, so nyah! XP

[1] O-negai : Please

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