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The Fic Rec Post (because I have some spare time before doing work)



Like Sand - A beautiful piece centered on the other members of the Shinsegumi. Almost like a drabble, but beautifully worded.
Spring Moon - "Leave it. It is still keen; that's all that matters. Finish your work" A foreshadowing of the Bakumatsu. Hijikata's portrayal rocks



Sound of Snow Falling - This will always remain to be the BEST Hitsugaya portrayal and past story ever. And because we all love Hitsugaya
Proposition - This is the well-done fangirl scenario. XD with a twist of course
Unburied Months - Angst makes the world go round. A nice look into the post Soul Society Arc and Ichigo's feelings.
In the Tradition of Valentine's Day - Rukia understands chocolate. XD NOT HENTAI
Study Guide - AKA: How Rukia became an otaku XD
For general BLEACH stuff, just go to celeste1




In the palm of my hand - Ukoku/Koumyou - FUCKING BRILLIANT.  IT JUST IS. Meant for every burial fan
textbook romance - Hakkai/Gojyo - This story opens up wounds you always wanted closed. 
when the candles are out - Sanzo/Goku, Hakkai/Gojyo - Where Goku turns a girl, Sanzo has spasms of pain and knocks down "admirers" and Hakkai and Gojyo share a psychic connection.
SleepalotEatalotPlayalotFu - gen - A young Goku gives Sanzo headaches. XD
Peaches - gen - There are some things Goku isn't allowed to eat 
Once Upon a Seagull - Sanzo/Goku - Beaches involve one thing and no, it's not sharks. XD
O Ye of Little Faith - gen - Because nobody believes Gojyo.
A Few Minor Details - gen - AKA: How Kenren is a smooth talker.
Koumyou Sanzo's Personal Organizer - gen - "After all, you never know when you might be mauled by youkai"
High Stakes - gen - Sanzo has his moments
Leveling Las Vegas - gen/AU - "It was, after all, just another stop on the way to the wes- north for the Ikkou"
Accidental Keeper - gen - Where Gojyo becomes Goku's sun and Sanzo is VERY pissed off.
Reconciled - gen - Hakkai was born to inflict pain on the Sanbutsushin
We Are Beyond - Sanzo/Goku - "If he looks back, he sees the past. If he looks forward..."
The Honeymoon - Sanzo/Goku - "Deep down, we know Sanzo has a heart. We're reasonably sure" 
NonPerishables - Sanzo/Goku - "Puberty had to happen sooner or later" 
New Rebirth - Homura/Goku - "No one lives forever"


The Breakroom - gen - You're not a Saiyuki fan if you haven't read this. Rated for numerous Terry Prachett references.
Unable to Win - gen - Sanzo struggles when dealing with children
Till the Loneliness Shadows the Sky - Sanzo/Goku - "You can't call it love"
Somewhere I belong - Sanzo/Goku - The only vampire fic done WELL in the entire fanfiction.net
Lividi - Sanzo/Goku - "Unusual bruises made Sanzo curious"
Fear Itself - gen - "It's easier to fight someone else's fear than to fight your own"

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