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It's kinda sad that Yuuri radiates these "kidnap me now" vibes.

Maxine: *kidnaps Maou*
Adelberet: *kidnaps Maou*
Belfal (sp?): >__< *wants to kill Maou*
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It's Belal.

I know. It's just because Yuuri is so cute! And it's so much fun to worry his bodyguards. I mean, come on. Gwendal and *facepalm* is so very laughworthy, n'est ce pas?

Yuuri is adorable, but I got rather freaked out by the Adelbert/Yuuri vibes in episode 49 O___O
Tell me about it! But just think, if we were so freaked out by that (and I was giving my most incredulous expression, I assure you), then how must Yuuri have felt?

Adelbert/Yuuri history

A: Hello. I must save you from the Mazoku.
Y: Huh? More cosplay?
A: You're not very bright.
*Conrad saves the day*

A: Hello. Must kill you.
Y: Huh? Adelbert?
A: You remembered my name.
Y: Huh?
*Conrad saves the day*

A: Hello. Will definitely kill you
Y: Hey! Huh?
*Conrad saves the day by telling Adelbert Julia's soul is Yuuri's*

A: Hello. I must protect you

Audience: I sense a pattern here....