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NOTE TO SELF - Kill Nat. Painfully if possible.

Thank you for your time.

Someone give me Gackt and Hyde songs...

EDIT: Okay, someone get this straight for me.

Of course Seishirou isn't evil. He's being an assasin for fun. He likes killing people. So yeah, obviously he'll fall in love with the person he killed. That's such a predictable scenario.


Seishirou x Hokuto? DOES NOT WORK. HE KILLED HER REMEMBER? Plus, I prefer Hokuto x Kakyo

Besides, Hokuto is a FANGIRL. I doubt Seishirou is stupid enough to fall in love with a fangirl That's probably why he killed her

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100% Seme

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*chokes on nothing* SeishiroxHokuto...? Gah! This is very wrong...

Seishiro .. well, let's say "loves" Subaru. Sure it is a very twisted, evil, freaky and creepy love, but it's love! Didn't Fuuma say that the Sakurazuka's wish was to be killed by the one he loves? IE Subaru?