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Return of the Emu Post

...This is all going to seem rather weird, because technically, there's nothing wrong with school. No arguments, no problems, no suicidal thoughts (haven't had those in a while actually.). So why am I depressed?

Every minute, I feel like my heart gone up to my throat and it's trying to choke me. Or something. Damnit, I sound too poetic. And I want to cry. I feel like crying because I feel like I'm losing something, but I can't figure out what.

And this emptiness fills me every day since school started. Am I distancing myself from others or is there something I'm missing?

....I want to talk to Angie. I think I'll go cry now.

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*whumps over head* HONESTLY!

I feel kinda the same way, but I think I get it. In the rush of IB, I feel like I'm distancing myself from my friends and my responsibilities. Project Week is a good chance to remedy that. Look forward to spending 7 days with just your friends, lock Mr. Emo in a box and tell me what kind of bag you're taking to Mulu.
*itai...* NOT MY FAULT I SWEAR I blame anime

Something like that. Emo, go back in the box. As to what bag I'm taking, my parents said a tote (strolley) and a bagpack.