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Field Trip

I'm baaaaaaaaaaacccccckkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!

Did you guys miss me?


>_< Apparently not...you guys are so mean sometimes.

Field trip was ok. Spent most of my time hanging out with my Creative Writing teacher Mr. Gibson. Some weird things happened though....

For example, we were staying in a typical Indian village when Karan had a little 'encounter' with some poultry. ^_^

Karan: Hey chicken....
Me: Karan, that's a....
Karan: OW! It bit me!!!
Me: ....hen...

Also, the teachers are pretty not normal too...

Gibson: I'm Buddhist.
Swedien: Musician.
Me: Musician?
Swedien: I worship the great God Bach.
Me: ^^;;;

Also, I posted this on ff.net, but it didn't get very far, sad to say. Read and tell me if I should continue.

It's about our fave BB charas in an LoTR parody that is anything but normal.

~* Lord of the Blades *~
(Yes, crappy title. But, hey I’d like to see you make up a better one *glares at audience)

A Beyblade – Lord of the Rings Parody
Co-written by Angevar and Timberwolf220
With their muses CS, CP, Brigs and Benni
DISCLAIMER: We don’t own. Isn’t it obvious?

The Bladebreakers were nicely relaxing until.
(Imagine 2001: A Space Odyssey theme. You SHOULD know it)
The Bladebreakers: o__0
Timmy: We’re back!
Kai: Where had you all gone in the first place?
Timmy: *sweatdrops*
Angevar: We were thinking of a new fic to write!!!
The Bladebreakers: *groans*
Tyson: What is it going to be this time? Suicide? Destruction?
Angevar: Actually I was thinking along the lines of cross dressing and ego downsizing…
Tyson: THE HORROR!!!
Kenny: I’m assuming I get an adequate part in this story…
Timmy: Kenny, first you must do us a big favour if you want this part…
Kenny: What?
Timmy: Speak English.
Angevar: *sniggers*
Kenny: -__-;;

The Hero Section

Angevar: Before I forget…
Timmy: Which you will anytime soon.
Angevar: -__-;;; It’s not my fault I have chronic memory loss!!
Timmy: Anyway, here are your scripts…*hands out scripts*
Kai: I got the part of Aragorn…
Max: YAY!!!
Kai: -__-;; I’m assuming you got a good part.
Max: I play Pippin the hyperactive hobbit…
Kai: Figures.
Ray: I got the part of Legolas!!!
Everyone: *glares in jealously*
Ray: ^^* It’s all thanks to my long hair!!!
Timmy: That, plus you’re Angy’s pet!
Ray: ^^ That too!
Tala: *grumbles about Ray being a lucky ass and looks at his script* Hey! I got two parts and… Oi!!!
Angevar: Something wrong Tala-Chan?! ~^__^~
Tala: Why did you give me Boromir? You know I hate that guy!!
Angevar: My point exactly!! ^^ And you also got to be Faramir after Boromir dies…
Tala: *checks script* Grr… someday Angie, someday…
Angevar: *smiles and whistles innocently* Hey Lee, what did Timmy give you?
Lee: I got… Elrond?!?
Angevar: I would have given you a cooler role ‘cause you’re Scheree’s fave but all the good parts were taken when we got to you…
Lee: It’s okay, I get to be somebody important for once… hey Mari! Who did you get?
Mariah: ^^ I got Eowyn!!
Tala: *throws up hands in despair* NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Timmy: Mariah and Tala sitting on a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!!!!
Mariah: o__0 You’ve GOT to be kidding me.
Tyson and Max: *snickering*
Angevar: Hey Mariah, just remember…
Mariah: *extremely pissed off with her role* WHAT!!!
Angevar:…that you can’t wear pink…
Mariah: NOOOO!!!!!!!!!
Angevar: Muahahahaha… I am soo very evil…
Timmy: You and me both Angie… *they cackle together like evil witches*

Enrique: Umm… okay, that was disturbing…
Oliver: What part didja get Eny?
Enrique: Eomer!!!
Tyson: Can you wield a sword?
Enrique: Let’s see. *picks up the sword and topples under the sheer weight* H-Heavy!!
Oliver: I’m worried about the fate of Rohan already…
Tyson: Speaking of which… what did you get Oliver?
Oliver: *looks at paper* I’m a… hobbit? Those latex feet do NOT go with my outfit!!!!
Timmy: Tough!!!!

Angevar: Oh Johnny!!!!! Johnathan!!!
Johnny: *steam pouring out of ears* I_AM_NOT_DOING_THIS!!!! ><
Timmy: Oh yeah?!?! Oh Robert!!!
Johnny: 0o* Not that!! Anything but that!!!!
Timmy: Then you’ll do it, and you will wear the wig!!!
Angevar: *looks puzzled* Why a wig?
Timmy: -__-;; You forgot already?
Angevar: ^^;; Umm… yes
All: *stare at Johnny and start to laugh*
Johnny: *starts writing his will and buries himself*

Angevar: So, who else is left?
Gary, Kevin, Kenny, Tyson, Steve and Robert: *raise hands*
Angevar: Okay, *passes out remaining scripts*
Gary: I’m hungry…
Timmy: -__- So, what else is new?
Angevar: Okay Gary, tell us what part you got and you can go visit the fridge…
Gary: *looks at script* Gimli…
Angevar: *looks frantically around in paperwork* How did that happen?!?!?!
Timmy: How should I know, you and CP handed out the scripts!!
Angevar: *starts hyperventilating**still searching* Noo, this isn’t happening… *buries herself in a pile of court orders and photocopies*
CP: HELP!! Authoress overboard!!! Bring the coffee!!!
CS: *runs in circles* WAAAA!!!!! It’s a disaster!!! We’re doomed!!
Timmy: -__- … You guys are pathetic!
Brigs: You notice NOW of all times!!!
Benni: *bounces in with thermos of coffee*
Brigs: 0o* what are you doing here? *notices thermos* And is that mocha?
Benni: *glares at Brigs* I’m the only sane one out of the lot of you and NO it isn’t!! *gives Angevar the coffee*
Angevar: I LIVE!!!
Kevin: Unfortunately…
Angevar: Well, since you’re in such a chipper mood, what did you get Kevin?
Kevin: *looks at script and face turns purple* I’M A FRIGGIN MIDGET!!!!!
Timmy: Hate to break it to you, but you always were…
Kevin: Grr… I hate you people, you are sick, twisted psychopaths that should be locked in a nut house for the rest of your natural lives…
Angevar: ^^ We love you too Kevin!
Kenny: …
Timmy: Why so quiet Chief?
Kenny: You would be too if you were automatically grouped into the same category as Max, Oliver and Kevin…
Timmy: Use English please!
Dizzi: He gets to be Frodo…
All: *stare at Kenny* How did that happen?
Angevar: AHHH!! *dives back into paperwork*
Brigs: *grabs her and pulls her back* Why do I get the feeling that I’m somehow saner than you…
Timmy: Because you are, trust me…
Kai: *looks over at Tyson, who is attempting to shove a copy of the script into a paper shredder* What are you doing Ty?
Tyson: *turns around* #^__^# Umm… nothing!
Kai: Hmm… so what part did you get?
Tyson: *sighs and stares at the floor* *in a tiny voice* …Arwen.
Kai: ^^ I was hoping that would happen!!
Tyson: But I have to wear a friggin DRESS!!
Kai: So, I get to snog you all I want… that’s a perk isn’t it?
Tyson: *sighs* I guess so, but why Arwen?!?!?
Max: *who happened to be standing close by* WHAT???
Tala: Did I hear that correctly… Arwen?
Max: *fit of giggles* Ty-kun’s a gi-irl! Ty-kun’s a gi-irl!
Tyson: *major anime vein* Shut. Up. Max.
Max: *giggling* You have no idea how funny this is Tyson…
Tala: *sniggers* Oh, this is a classic, *starts laughing really loudly* Tyson gets to play Arwen!!!
All: o0* What?!?!?
Emily: >< Damn!!! That means I don’t get a part…
Timmy: No fear Emily… you get a part!
Emily: =) Really?
Angevar: Yup, see there’s a script with your name on it!! *hands Emily the script*
Emily: ^^ YAY!!! I’m in the fic!! *looks at script* What the- HEY!!! I’m in the villains section!!
Angevar: *points to Timmy* Her idea!! I had nothing to do with it!!
Timmy: *whistles and twiddles her thumbs innocently*

The Villain Section

Ian: I don’t believe this…
Emily: What part did you get?
Ian: …
Timmy: Come on Ian; tell the nice Beyblade characters what part you got!!!
Ian: *mutters under his breath*
Emily: Sorry, can’t hear.
Ian: I GOT GOLLUM OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
All: o__0 Ian…
Angevar: I have to admit, I never could have thought of something as evil as that without your help Timmy.
Timmy: *bows and says thanks over and over again* Thanks, I try.
Ian: There should be a law protecting anime characters from authoress abuse…
Voltaire: Why do I always get the bad guy parts?
Timmy: Because you ARE a bad guy.
Voltaire: ^^; Forgot!
Angevar: Hey, Sangy!!!
All: …Sangy?
Sanguinex: Yes?
Angevar: What part did you get?
Sanguinex: I got…*scans his paper* WHAT!!!!
Timmy: I take it he didn’t like his role…
CS: -__- You think?
Saguinex: It’s an insult I tell you… Me, a great vampire playing a part of…say, what exactly IS Wormtongue?
Timmy: A sniveling weasel-faced coward.
Angevar: Say, that’s just like you Sangy!!
Sanguinex: -__-;; Very funny. I forgot how to laugh.
Angevar: *puzzled* You mean you actually knew how to laugh?
Sanguinex: I need a raise.
Angevar: We’re broke so don’t even think about it! *spots Mr. Dickinson* Hey Mr. D!!!
All: …Mr. D?
Timmy: She really likes playing around with nicknames…
Mr. Dickinson: I got the part of Saruman, before you ask.
Angevar: I think he’s the only one here who hasn’t screamed at us for the role we gave him.
Timmy: It’s not very different from his usual role; playing an old man who makes weird quotes like ‘I love the smell of chicken farm in the morning’ (A/N: This is an actual quote by Mr. Dickinson)
Brigs: *spots Tyson’s Grampa* Hey!! You’re in the wrong section!!
Mr. Kinomiya: Hey little dudes!! Got kinda lost, that’s all!! ^___^
Timmy: ….
Angevar: Hey Mr. K!!!
All: …Mr. K?
Brigs: I refrain from comment.
Timmy: What part did you get?
Mr. Kinomiya: The guy who wears the cool blue hat and the party robes!!! ^___^
Angevar: ^^ I think he means Gandalf.
Timmy: …
Emily: Before you even ask me what part I’m getting, I’m not telling!!!
Timmy: Fine.
Emily: *blinks* You’re giving up?
Timmy: *gives her sinister smile* You wish. Oh Michael!!!!
Michael: You called?
Angevar: *sniggers*
Timmy: *acts innocent* Could you glomp Emily for me?
Michael: ^___^ Sure!!!
Emily: o___0 I give up!! I give up!!! Anything but that!!!!
Timmy: I knew you’d see it my way. Now, what role did you get?
Emily: Shelob…
Angevar: *bursts in hysterics and starts rolling on the floor*
Emily: Why me?
Timmy: Punishment for pinching Kai’s ass in ‘Chaotic Questions’ (A/N: Thinking of you, Obsidian Obscurity!!)
Angevar: I think that’s all…
Timmy: *whistles* That’s a lot of people…
Angevar: All the more torturous for them!!! *cackles evilly*
All: *thinks “We’re doomed”*

Tyson = Arwen
Kai = Aragorn
Ray = Legolas
Max = Pippin
Kenny = Frodo (bet you didn’t see that coming!!)
Kevin = Merry
Oliver = Sam
Gary = Gimli
Lee = Elrond
Tala = Boromir & Faramir
Mariah = Eowyn
Johnny = Bilbo
Mr. Kinomiya = Gandalf
Mr. Dickinson = Saruman
Enrique = Eomer
Steve = Théoden
Robert = Denethor (sorry Robert fans!!)
Ian = Gollum (bet you didn’t see this too)
Saquinex = Wormtongue
Emily = Shelob (Emily: I REFUSE!!!! YOU HEAR ME!!!! REFUSE!!!! Timmy: You certainly are touchy)
Voltaire = Witch king
Michael = Butterbur
Judy = Galadriel
Shadowfax = Unicolyon
Treebeard = Brigs (Brigs: I refuse to play a piece of shrubbery!!)
NAZGUL: (not tellin’)

Someone, please say something!! I'm desperate

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    I wonder if it's possible to make a life for yourself if you keep failing secondary education.

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    I'm starting to wonder if good MCU Bucky players are like mythical creatures. Everyone thinks they exist, but they really don't.

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    With talk of Civil War and Ant-Man, maybe the MCU will destroy itself in a blaze of glory. One can hope.

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