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The Ai no Kusabi Pimping post

Also known as "Inflicting Timmy's Obsession on other people :D"

I rewatched for like the fifth time this week. O__O I sad, I know. But the story is really pretty! plus it's sci-fi. Added bonus

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We have about five main characters. That's all. Let's start with Riki

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Where would I go? To the salon? I'm too old to be a Pet and I'm from the slums. I'm a living fossil of Eos

Riki is cool. He's also confused because Iason is the worst enigma I have ever seen. >.> Iason contradicts everything in the system. Riki by birth, is a mongrel. He has no citizenship, nothing. Then Iason came, made him a Pet and then literally tried to tear Riki apart (Iason called it taming). That took three years. After that, Riki was given a year of freedom. But Riki thought he was free for good.

Too bad for Riki.

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Even if the world shatters around me now, I will not let you go

Iason is a Blondie, the elite of the elite. Technically, he shouldn't be anywhere near a mongrel. But things happen. Iason happened to be accurate. He saves Riki's life (on a whim or what? no one knows), 'tames' him and then later on confesses to Raoul that he is in love with Riki. Iason is a possessive manipulative bastard, but he is unbearably sweet and ferocious at some points. He scares me, but I really wish there were more guys like him.

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KATZE. No fangirl has ever hated Katze. Katze used to be 'living furniture' for Iason except one day, he overstepped his boundaries and Iason punished him (not that way perverts). Iason let him live so that Katze could manage his syndicate. Katze ultimately betrayed Riki to Iason.

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Do you have the determination to fight all of Tanagura?

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Here. This is our last deep kiss

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This is Raoul, Iason's best friend. That's all you need to know. XD

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And cropped-pony guy with the ponytail is Guy, Riki's old partner in crime. Totally losing it, he seeks his revenge (all fangirls hate him for about 10 chapters of thier stories and then have him fall in love with Raoul oO)


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