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I repeat, this is not an EMO post. Thank you

Okay, so Nat and I have been at it for a while (like tigers I swear. XD). And her argument was interesting in the sense that she says that Iason does not love Riki. And that made me think about Angie (where ever she may be. >.> Could kill her to contact me)

Anyway, Timmy's backstory starts here. Timmy had a bad time with her classmates. As a result, she went "Screw them" and did her own thing. And she met Angie (who still has the most awesome computer evah) and they became best friends. Timmy introduced her to yaoi and before she knew it, they were hard core yaoi fans (which is odd because I wasn't one before. XD I just supported Tyka).

The interesting end result of our friendship? We mentally fucked each other over several times. Angie was nicer to people (she stopped beating people up XD) and constantly I heard people tell me, "How did you do it?" which had me puzzled. I hadn't done anything.

So, we were fine for a year. Year Ten comes. Angie is getting ready to graduate (and I'm older than her >.>) and we had included some new friends into our posse. Vinit, the compulsive liar, Shehz the emo-retard and secretly Relja's long lost brother and Nishi the really, really smart and fashionable genius. We were like the punks of school (except more seclusive) and it was great. And there was Nathan, quiet boy who spent most of his time with us.

I think that's when I began to change. Angie spent more time with Vinit because she had a crush on him. I hated that. So much. I never hated Vinit, but when Angie went out without saying anything to me, I was really hurt. Then I exerted my control over her (because I'm a control freak) and starting hurting Angie and myself. We emoed a lot that year. Then Nathan came and my control lessened a bit.

But even now, I really do regret that part of my life. Constantly Angie would feel guilty for making me cry, I would feel lost, we were breaking apart slightly.

So, why then, did Angie come back? She could have cut me off (like I had done at some times) but, Angie kept coming back. And that is why I have such devotion to Iason/Riki. Because it does work, because Iason is so much like me it's scary. Angie is no Riki, but she changed. I could say I 'tamed' (I swear, that's what they called it when I was in school. XD It was interesting to set Angie on people.) her. But I regret it? I'm not sure. I think that 'taming' involves two people. You can't tame someone unless they will it so. Angie did want to change, I think and I just helped her with that. There were some things that stayed, but Angie had changed.

So what? You guys must be thinking 'Timmy must be losing it if she's comparing her life to an anime pairing. Especially an Ai no Kusabi one', but it's been nagging me for a while and just last night when reading Nat's comments, I had it clinched. So yeah, this is basically it.


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    I wonder if it's possible to make a life for yourself if you keep failing secondary education.

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    I'm starting to wonder if good MCU Bucky players are like mythical creatures. Everyone thinks they exist, but they really don't.

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    With talk of Civil War and Ant-Man, maybe the MCU will destroy itself in a blaze of glory. One can hope.

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