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I wasn't kidding when I said I would write. XD

TITLE: Journey of Days
FANDOM: Saiyuki
PAIRINGS: really, really mild Homura x Goku and Homura x Rinrei
NOTES: Takes place in the distant future. Not much mention of spoilers, so I think you're fine. XD
SUMMARY: A pilgrimage is side-tracked when Goku meets a familiar face.

If this was my path all along

…I will follow it

…..take me back…


The door slammed against the wall and resonated. The noises in the bar dimmed slightly as they viewed the newcomer with a thin disguise of resentment. Their eyes glared at him from all corners. The stranger ignored the hostile looks and pulled up a chair. The barmaid smiled cheerfully (also ignoring the people in the bar) and said, “What would you like Sir?”

The newcomer grinned slightly and said, “Mocktail please.”

She nodded her sandy head and went to the kitchen. The murmur osf conversation had returned with zeal, but the stranger just pulled the cloak over his head and tapped his fingers against the wooden table. He hummed to himself slightly as he watched someone move from the corner of his eyes. He watched the stool shuffled and pulled itself closer towards him.

It was then he realized that gods can be compassionate too.

His mouth was open and he could feel the flies entering. He struggled to keep his expression, but he could not. Finally, he settled for the slightly surprised look. The man beside smirked at him and said, “Are you new here?”

“No,” He admitted slightly.

“No? We’ve never seen you before.”

“I was here a long time. Then I left.”

“I see. You’ve picked a bad time to come here,” He said, glancing at him at odd angles, “What is your name?”

“…Tell me yours first,” And his lips twitched into a smile, “In accordance to the custom.”

“Very well,” The townsperson replied, “Since it is only fair. My name is Homura.”


It was like grasping onto air…

…looking for something to hold…

…only air…


“Will you help me with these chores, Son Goku?” Homura said nonchalantly, “It is nearly dark and Rinrei will worry if I’m not back by nightfall.”

Goku nodded and started picking up the firewood. He could feel the night chill on his arms and watched the sun sink behind the hills with a wistful expression.

Homura saw that, “Sad to see it go?”

Goku nodded, “I used to be afraid that it would never come back,” He said softly, watching Homura observe him quietly, “I don’t think I’ve lost that fear.”

Homura reached out and ruffled his hair slightly. Goku jerked back in shock and stared with wide eyes.

“You’re too pessimistic Son Goku,” Homura said, hoisting the remaining firewood, “After all, dawn must come sometime. You can never be sure when.”

Goku felt his throat clench and he smiled, “Of course,” He said, his voice choked, “Dawn comes eventually.”

“Of course. It is a cycle of nature,” Homura said in a matter of fact tone, “But I fear Rinrei’s worry might eclipse that if we’re not back soon.”

Goku laughed for the first time in weeks.


You tell me to let go

…but I had nothing

…what else is left for me to do?


“They’ve taken Mirei!” Zenon said, raging to all who would hear, “Those bastards knew she was with child and they took her! We must act now!”

“Zenon, calm yourself, we can’t—,”

“My wife is going to die!” Zenon spun on his heels, “If you’re not willing to stand up to those youkai bastards, then I’ll go myself!”


“I’ll come,” Homura said, standing up, “This has gone for far too long anyway.”

Rinrei was about to speak, but stopped herself. She closed her eyes in pain and nodded her consent. Homura touched her cheek gently and turned away, “Is anyone coming to save their wives?”

One by one, the villagers rose and armed themselves, whether it is a kitchen knife or pitchfork. Zenon had a small handgun and Homura went to the storage room where he had hidden his sword.

Son Goku blocked his path.

“You will die,” He said in monotone.

Homura said nothing at first. They stared at each other and for a moment, Homura thought he saw gold in Son Goku’s eyes.

“Better death than this,” Homura said softly.

“There is nothing worse than death,” Son Goku said, “Don’t delude yourself with heroics.”

“Better death than this,” Homura said, “I knew that Mirei would be taken. I know Rinrei will be the next.”

“Don’t go.”

“Please step aside Son Goku,” Homura said patiently, “and then leave. There’s no guarantee for your safety after this. Don’t you have a place to go to?”

Homura watched as Son Goku reeled from his words and closed his eyes, “If you have none, you may stay. Take care Son Goku,”

With that, he turned on his heels, knowing that those eyes were following and he had not taken his sword.


all is not lost

…but where is everything…

bring it back…


“You! Move out of the way! These humans are our kill!”

Homura shook himself back into consciousness. Blearily, he felt blood trickle down his face and his vision was shaky to say the least. He saw a form defending him and he smirked slightly. He knew that he would come. Then he passed out again.

When he woke, he found himself on a bed with Rinrei bustling in and out treating the injured and checking on him. She smiled when she saw him awake and gestured Son Goku in.

“I’m sorry,” Son Goku said finally after a slightly tense silence, “I should know better than to tell you those things.”

“Son Goku,” Homura said, feeling his head throb from the wound he had received, “have we met before?”

He watched the youth freeze slightly before relaxing back into his evasive façade, “No.”

“I see,” Homura closed his eyes, “…would you like to stay here?”

Son Goku looked out the window, “I would like to.”


If I could have one thing

…it would have been you

…but then I threw it away…


“I’m back,” Goku said, stopping in front of his cave. It hadn’t changed at all. The chains were still there and the charms were still ascribed on the walls. He touched them slightly and felt his fingers burn from their power.

He dusted his pants and looked out at the horizon. This is where Sanzo stood, he thought, this exact spot.

He stood there until the sky was awash in light.


If given the choice

…should I chosen another?

No, it’s fine this way

Yes, it’s fine this way


Homura was washing the cups the customers had left behind. Rinrei was in the kitchen, readying lunch. He ran a hand through his unruly black hair as he set the glass down. He heard the door open and he smiled as he turned around.

“Welcome back Goku.”

The wind whistled through the door.


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    I wonder if it's possible to make a life for yourself if you keep failing secondary education.

  • (no subject)

    I'm starting to wonder if good MCU Bucky players are like mythical creatures. Everyone thinks they exist, but they really don't.

  • (no subject)

    With talk of Civil War and Ant-Man, maybe the MCU will destroy itself in a blaze of glory. One can hope.

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