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I've noticed that no ONE of you made a note on my Seto x Yuugi fic...
;__; I was so hurt, really I was...

Anyway, work has been piling up on me (end of the quarter stuff)

Hopefully we'll get some anime from Namkar to survive this ordeal.

Working on Author Adventure. I realized it's going to be a lot longer than I actually expected it to be. A LOT longer...

Plus, there's a new TyKa fic I'm working on called 'Taking Care Of Business'. It's a sorta a angsty and (maybe) humourous story that has a Romeo/Juliet plot line, though not THAT angsty.

Still have the Yu-Gi-Oh drive to write one-shots. Wrote one Yuu x Yami one that was just plain DEPRESSING. I read it again and I wanted to cry.

I've noticed that in my YGO videos, I have avoided all contact with Anzu. Why, you ask?


*stops ranting and takes deep breaths*

She started calling Yami by his real name and made poor Yuugi feel left out. THen Yuugi was forced to send Yami away forever!!!!


Apparently, there's a screenshot from a future Yu-Gi-Oh episode where Yami and Yuugi kiss. ON THE LIPS!!!!!

*dies and goes to heaven*

^__^ Heh, anyway, has anyone noticed the sudden surge of ..... Kai x Bryan in ff.net?

Just where did that come from?
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Well, sorry Timmy for not reading your fic. but I kind of despise the pairing. >_< I mean, c´mon...Seto? And Yuugi?

I mean, they´re not far apart in age but when I see the covers of the doujins it always gives me the impression of Seto being pedophile. >.< *cries out in rage*
Yuugi just looks too cute and too young. So no Seto/Yuugi pairing for me. Eeeww. And also not Seto/Mokuba. *yells out* He is his brother for christ's sake.
So please, spare me Timmy, I really don´t like the thought of that. *gives a pleading look

I already thought that the Author´s Adventure would be longer. Because there come always new Authors and want to be part of the story. That´s just normal. So I dunno what the next chapter will look like, but I know it´s something I look forward to. ^_~
OMG. They kiss? I'm not a huge fan of any YGO pairings, but THAT IS JUST TOO CUTE! And I love Yugi and Yami... *kills Anzu*

And when you say your new TyKa fic has a Romeo/Juliet plotline, DOES THAT MEAN THAT THEY'RE GONNA DIE?! *runs around screaming*
*cowers* Nope, they're not going to die. Not at all! ^_^;;; That's rather ....drastic... O__O

Anyway, here's an excerpt from that story--

Kai: Security! What have I said about letting him in?!
Max: What Kai? You don't want to see me? *sniffs*
Kai: *blinks and sighs* Why are you here Max?
Max: To tell you that aliens have taken over the world *grabs Kai's collar* AND YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN SAVE THEM!!!!!
Kai: *smirks* You guys are doomed.
Max: *pouts* How can you? You've just sentenced me to death by slimy aliens!!
Kai: ....What about the rest of the human race?
Max: They can rot for all I care.
Kai: ....
Hahaha! Now, now, Max... the rest of the human race is kind of important. Especially Tyson! If you don't save him, Kai won't have anyone to love and he'll be SOOOOO sad. ;_;