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My brother....has become...a fanboy.

Yes, you heard me, a fanboy.

I shall explain in detail now.

We were watching Beyblade -

Me: *watches at horrible yet so fascinating English Dub*
Nik: Tala loves Daichi!
Me: *stops* *dies* *is resurrected* WHAT?
Nik: Well, you see, Tala loves Daichi, but Daichi loves Tyson and Tyson hates Tala.
Me: ...*dies again*
Nik: *makes obscene phone call noises*
Me: *no hopes for resurrection here*

And later on

Nik: Your clothes are so drab.
Me: *check clothes. They're actually fine* Are you sure you're not a gay in denial?

And my mom drove us to Great World. WHY I don't understand considering it takes us like five minutes to walk there.

EDIT: UTADA HIKARU SINGING GREEN DAY. Tell me that isn't messed up. XD
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HA! I am so going to rag your brother to death now. HE'S A FANBOY!! Oh, and I can't believe I fell for Ban. I'm such a weak willed fangirl. BUT IT'S STRANGER TO BE A FANBOY FOR MALE SLASH!!! Hee hee. Seriously love making fun of your brother, 'cause he has such awful insults. And he always has 'put upon' face when he talks to me. Sooo funny!

(You know, if I meet him enough, he just might attack me. I sometimes have that effect)
Sorry, somehow I failed to comment on this earlier. He said 'drab'??!! (I use drab, sometimes, but I realise a fair number of people never say drab) OBSCENE PHONECALL NOISES?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! *joins Ayesha with no hope of resurrection*
My brother also says stuff like "you fiend". XD So yeah, I really think it's gotten to him.
Yeah, I stay stuff like 'you fiend' as well. I seem to take a perverse pleasure in using outdated phrases. Sometime earlier this year Nat and I discovered a shared penchant for playing with english. (At least I think this was with Nat)
Reaction to "I'm touched"
Nat and I "Yeah, in the head" *insane laughter*
It's just fun! And most people wouldn't get it. I should start using cad, rogue and blackguard as well. Strangely, I have used blackguard before. Geez.