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Setting up Angy's present. Here we go! 

...I can't think of anything. G__G Angy, put a request for a fic or something and I'll try to write it. Or set up a download. My computer is being mean.
Too bad you're only grant Angy a Fanfic. wish. T_T Because if I had a wish, I'd wish for you to continue authors adventure and I guess I'm not the only one there. ^_^
Ah. I'll post up a chapter if you want. Just when exams are over. >.> I'll post it on LJ though.
That would be great!!! Thank you. But why only on LJ? You don't like FF-net do you? I can understand that. It is pretty f***** up.
Well, since you offered so nicely.

Hmmm... diffiult... veeeerry difficult. The only semi-constant fandoms I have seem to be FF and a couple other video games that seem to be on a time share or something.

You pick! Game-fandom, a pairing that I like (you should know most of 'em). And Angst! Angie no have enough angst lately.

And it has to be long and descriptive-like. (Ha!)

On a side note, I only just noticed how many friggin' colorbars you have on your info page. o.o *impressed*
XD Practice my friend. I went hunting for a while. Cool, ne?

As for pairings. Golden Sun or Fire Emblem?
FE. And hey, here's a chance for you to try writing that 'Ultimate OT3'. X3 Naaeesalaaaaa...

If you don't want that, then try and make it something involving either Stefan or Shinon. Or both. But if you want to try this, the it should involve humor too.

Don't ask me why I've suddenly sepcified this, I don't know. All I know is I'm on a Zelda Oot kick right now and you've just rebooted my FE kick. =)

Also, seeing as how I still have no real internet access, howabout we turn this into a *thinks* damn... what's a holiday that's coming up soon... uh... Oh! I know! A compensation-for-missing-the-monsoon-this-year present. ^.^ It'll be sorta on time that way and I might get the incentive to write something for you! (you never know)