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My thoughts for the day~

  • I just realized how uncool I am when people talk about new cool super awesome canons!!! And I'm still stuck on my old-school. But whatever. 
  • I also sing the Speed Racer theme song to my kids to help them sleep (ps it works)
  • Gosh, I want someone to flail at about Speed Racer. I keep rewatching, keep loving it over and over again but I know how sick I must be making the people around me so I don't...say a lot! the amount of posts I thought about and didn't say...you have no idea.
  • Work is still coolish! We got some new teachers so I feel like a sempai.
  • Micro is still fantastic. I mean. Oz bonded with Kadaj and cuddled the Corinthian. I AM LOVING THIS.
  • CFUD funk is working itself out. I think playing new characters, characters outside my mold will help!
  • I might app movie!speed at neotopia. I'm debating this greatly.
And now something completely different and yet...not!

My kids are roleplayers. You have no idea how many parental-kidnap-superhero stories they come up with! And I feel like a mod when someone comes up to me and says, "They won't let me play because of this ___" or various reasons like that. And I have to say, "Now guys, everyone can play with everyone" and so on. And I can't help thinking, 'Man, look at us with our processes and apping and paranoia. This is kind of sad'

It also makes me consider making a dressing room. For everyone. There will be some form of checking out characters and so on and I know it feels more of a dream rather than something that will actually work but, if my little kidlets can do it, I can't see why we can't.
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My brother lies. I still cannot quote speed racer by heart.


Also the special features akshda;lsdhas;dj TAEJO DOING THE MOONWALK, THE NINJA EXPERT, SPRITLE ACTING LIKE SOLID SNAKE, THE AMOUNT OF WORLD BUILDING AND LOGOS AND SO ON alhskdalsdkhasldkhas the sheer love and detail IS AMAZING.




I also rented Supernatural season three so if I am on the internet, KICK ME INTO FINISHING IT.

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What I learned in school today

Ben 10 and Batman do not mix. Ever.

Also, barnacles are easier to remove than kids and trust me, they really know how to work that guilt factor. Thankfully, I have the next two days off for me to wear it off.

Randomly, after watching speed racer the movie for the...idk insert insane watch count number here time, I FINALLY REALIZED WHERE THE JOHNNY QUEST THEME MUSIC WAS PLACED. I feel so happy ;o;.

Off topic, I've been thinking about people and what people say they are. I don't know if it frankness or obliviousness when people deny things. Like for instance, I'm a hooker kind of person on the internet. I like to do things for my own satisfaction! not to the point where I overshadow everyone else and that's something I really have to keep in mind because I get carried away, but I admit it! I LIKE MAKING MYSELF HAPPY. What's wrong with that? 

Apparently, everything.
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(no subject)

  • Signed my first ever contract! God, it was kinda creepy.
  • Went to the BIG big National Library and read a book about homosexuality in the church. Very hilarious
  • Saw Speed Racer: The Next Generation on sale. Flinched and ran away. (And possibly cried a bit). I HAD TO WASH MY HANDS AFTERWARDS.
  • Was stalked by a senile, hard of hearing old guy who was from Kerala.
Other that that, my days are uneventful things.
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(no subject)

Speed Racer is not allowed to look hot. He's supposed to look like a girly girl man with the biggest blue eyes (not counting Elijah Wood). :|

On that note, o Speed Racer fandom. Don't ever change.

On an RP note, I'm kinda loving on Klavier and Haruka's relationship that I have no words for because I have no idea what the fuck either of these two are doing. Luckily, grangran shares this feeling and the most we do is "lolololol" ilu grangran.

Latest PH chaterwise. WTF Sharon. WTF. You are amazing. Don't ever leave us.

My life's kinda standstill at the moment. There's not much  to do other than wait for my job to start. I go to the library to read and stuff, but I need to do more than that at the moment. Probably latch onto Toph and Frau one of these weekends to do something.

I'm also, for the first time, poking at other RPs! I'm...not sure of any of them (they...scare me w-what) but hey, it's worth a look.

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So like the awesome Speed Racer dork that I am, I FINALLY decided to watch the last episode. No spoiler cut since this show finished in like. 1968. :/

And. omg. I love this cartoon so much.

  • THEY RACE IN SUBMARINES. TRUCKS. SHIPS. YACHTS.  PLANES. Clearly if you can drive a car, you're qualified to drive anything.
  • I like how it takes Speed a grand total of ten seconds of moping on the deserted island to go, "HEY WE COULD BUILD A RAFT TO GET OUT OF HERE" Oh speed you're wonderful.
  • Oh. GOD. The mean racers plowed down the penguins! That's DESPICABLE!!!
  • Speed is like the ultimate sexist out there. "I knew she was a girl when we shook hands. Her hands were soft!" Please note that  both Speed and Lovelace were wearing gloves. So. THIS DOESN'T MAKE SENSE (I love Speed Racer)
  • Oh. Oh my god. A giant car-sucking tornado. O-Oh my GOD.
  • I LOVE THE RANDOM RACER X CAMEO. Best stalker-brother ever.
  • It's highly appropriate that Sparky knows that Speed is a dumbass. "SPEED STOP HELPING OUR COMPETITORS" But Speed? Is dumb and doesn't listen to Sparky. :( poor Sparky.
  • So. The Mach Five's gas runs out. Racer X like the INCREDIBLE DOUCHE that he is, finds them in the MIDDLE of the Russian nowhere (actual quote. Sparky calls it the Russian nowhere.) and lectures Speed on what a DUMBASS DRIVER HE IS and how HE FAILS SO MUCH. And drives off. gg bro.
  • Then they realize Racer X left them with a gallon of gasoline on the ground.
  • In other words? BEST STALKERY DOUCHE BROTHER EVER!!!! Speed emotears for Racer X again.
  • Okay I kinda ship Lovelace/Speed. Too bad Speed is gay for racing.
  • SO Speed wins the race, becomes a world champion racer and Lovelace and her dad make up in TRUE SPEED RACER FASHION I love this show so much.
  • Also Racer X just luv watching over his brother. Seriously. He's always THERE. WATCHING. STALKING.
I'm sad that it ends with "SEE THE NEXT EXCITING EPISODE OF SPEED RACER!!!" and there is none. I feel kinda cheated ;;